Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In order to provide our service, we may process the personal data of you and the visitors of your website. We have therefore drawn up a data processing agreement (DPA) which describes how we carry out this processing, what our obligations are, how we keep your and your website visitors' data secure and what your obligations are as a customer. TWIPLA is a data processor for all customers (Controller) and the Data Processing Agreement constitutes the agreement of the parties with respect to the processing of personal data carried out through our service. As Controller, in order to sign this Agreement, you must review and digitally sign a copy of the Data Processing Agreement. You can find it at any time in your account by logging into TWIPLA and going to the Privacy Center. You can also see the DPA content below. If you have any further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to email us at

Data Processing Agreement

We offer a very comprehensive Data Processing Agreement (DPA) which complies fully with GDPR and its requirements.

You can review our Data Processing Agreement (DPA) here with the list of our subprocessorss. Also please find a link to the TOMs (Technical organizational measurements) of our hosting provider HETZNER.

Privacy Policy for the Google Analytics Importer

Using the TWIPLA Google Analytics importer will import the selected data within the selected daterange for you into the TWIPLA infrastructure.  

All data will be imported into our data infrastructure in order to ensure further processing within the TWIPLA platform provided by server nodes located in Germany, provided by HETZNER. HETZNER as our subprocessor complies with all known worldwide data privacy regulations.

We comply with the Google API Services User Data Policy (including the Limited Use requirements).