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Our mission is to provide a website intelligence solution that anyone can use to guide effective website growth. We work to ensure that our software remains on the cutting edge of the analytics sector, with all the website statistics, visitor behavior analytics, and visitor communication tools that webmasters need to best improve user experience and drive performance. And crucially, our platform will always have data privacy at its heart, making it simple for you to meet legal requirements and keep visitor data safe.

We’re now one of the top privacy-first analytics platforms in the world

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Advanced Website Insights Available to Everyone

Most website analytics platforms simply aren’t intuitive enough for most people. Nor do they offer all the tools that website owners now need for effective digital growth. This forces people to install and use multiple tools in parallel, creating compatibility issues, data silos, and security vulnerabilities. This also makes it difficult to compare results and to maximize the potential of the data at your fingertips.

TWIPLA is different. We offer an easy-to-use website intelligence solution that is compatible with every website found online. It reports on all website statistics, but also includes UX and behavior analytics, and visitor communication features.This means that you have all the tools you need, united in one app. It’s highly user friendly, removes data siloing, and presents complex data from multiple sources in easy-to-understand graphics and charts.

Founded in January 2016 and based in Munich and Cluj, we’re a high-performing startup and our all-in-one solution has over 2.5 million active users in 190 countries around the world.

We are also 100% GDPR/CCPA compliant and collect all the data a website owner needs to know about their visitors in real-time: referrals, conversions, bounce rates, click paths, traffic structure, social media interactions, custom events, page visits, IPs, locations, browsers, devices or OS used, and much more.

This analysis is complemented by our visitor behavior analytics tools: session recordings, conversion funnels, custom event tracking, and heatmaps. And with our polls and surveys enabling you to collect direct visitor feedback, you can dig even deeper into website performance and improve results faster.Our app is built for entrepreneurs, marketers and companies focused on their site statistics, visitor behavior, and interacting with their website visitors. Stay tuned for more useful modules; we’ve always got a new feature right around the corner.