Why You Should Use TWIPLA

Here's Eight Good Reasons

TWIPLA Reason #1

All the Tools. All in One Place.

Search the analytics market for a platform offering as many tools as TWIPLA and you'll come up short. Sure, we provide the statistics that already make us a strong alternative to Google Analytics. But as a complete website intelligence solution, we go so much further.

We offer all the latest analytics tools: think page heatmaps, session recordings, conversion funnels, event tracking. These provide deep insights about visitor behavior that will up your optimization game.

And unlike anyone else, we also have communication features; use direct visitors feedback to make your website even better.

Choose TWIPLA and have everything you need in one place. So save money. Stop jumping between platforms to get the insights you need. Remove data silos. And maximize the potency of your data.

TWIPLA Reason #2

No Privacy Issues. Safe Visitors.

We're in the era of data privacy laws. These tightly control what you can do with visitor data. But it can be difficult to know what you're collecting, and also how you're responsible. It's pretty complicated.

But we're privacy advocates. It's our identity, and our platform meets all global data privacy requirements by default. This means you don't have to worry about your data practices, cookie consent banners, or costly fines. Choose TWIPLA and focus more on the work you love.

How so? We're privacy by design. Our platform uses an advanced cookieless tracking system, and data never leaves the security of the EU. It's also fully aggregated, anonymized, and scrubbed of anything that can be used to identify your end users.

Given this, TWIPLA undoubtedly keeps your website visitors safe.

TWIPLA Reason #3

Free at First. Affordable Forever.

Act on the insights from TWIPLA and your website will grow, with more traffic, longer browsing sessions, and also more purchases.

We're so certain of this, we've designed our payment plans to match. There's no annoying free trial period. Instead, you can sign up for free, never pay a cent, and still have access to all our features.

And as your traffic increases, you can choose when to climb through three paid plans. These are also highly affordable when compared to alternative analytics providers. We've done the math; in fact, we're five to ten times cheaper than platforms with similar tools.

But don’t take our word for it. Visit any respected software discovery site and see what they have to say about the value of our website intelligence solution. And then come back here.

TWIPLA Reason #4

Friendly. Easy. Simple Insights.

Tech should be simple. But most analytics isn't, with confusing data sheets and complex dropdowns. Take Google Analytics Academy - you shouldn't need to go to university to learn a new integration.

At least, not with TWIPLA. One click and it's installed. Another sets the privacy mode. Multi-level templates make cross-platform filtering easy. Visualizations bring data to life. And the dashboards just work.

Our users certainly think so. Experts also agree. Read the reviews, check out the awards. User-friendliness comes up again and again. We're proud of this since we think software should always be fun.

It's analytics made easy. Everything's designed to be as intuitive as possible, and we provide help every step of the way. We'll leave the teaching to Google, our users are happy home-schooled.

TWIPLA Reason #5

Millions of Success Stories

TWIPLA is being used by 2.5 million businesses. Half of them are in the US. The rest are spread out across 190 countries around the world. We may be European, but we're a truly global phenomenon.

From individual bloggers and startups to enterprise clients and famous institutions like TUM, website owners of all types are using our platform to improve digital performance and achieve goals.

When choosing software, experience matters. And we're no rookie. TWIPLA launched back in 2015, and so that's given our talented team nearly a decade to perfect our website intelligence solution.

But we keep innovating, and regularly roll out upgrades that help users understand their websites better. And we'll continue to take satisfaction from nurturing their successes from behind the scenes.

TWIPLA Reason #6

Web, SaaS, and Agency Options

TWIPLA is compatible with every website. Wix. Wordpress. Weebly. TYPO3. Joomla!. OctoberCMS. We've got plugins for these and more, enabling you to directly integrate our platform into your site builder.

There's also our standalone app. This is great for businesses that use multiple website builders, but it also gives all our users more independence, control, and flexibility over their analytics and data.

We're available in white label. SaaS companies can integrate the platform into their own service provision at no additional cost, and agencies can leverage our full solution under their own branding.

TWIPLA is equally perfect for large companies with significant data volumes and complex analytics needs. Plans are fully customizable, and we're happy to match what we offer to their exact requirements.

TWIPLA Reason #7

Full Control Over Website Data

We don't sell data. Nor do we transfer data to third parties. At TWIPLA, data security comes first and this principle ensures that our users can work in complete compliance with all privacy laws.

We've laid this out clearly in the DPA. Our users are the sole owners of their data. They can store it, delete it, or do whatever they want with it. And they can do this without fear of any outside influence.

In a (privacy) perfect world, this wouldn't be something to boast about. But many website analytics companies claim to be fully data privacy compliant when - on inspection - they're nothing of the sort.

So read the terms and conditions, data processing agreements, privacy policies. You'll find no guarantees about data ownership, meaning they're likely using it for their purposes. Then, read ours.

TWIPLA Reason #8

Maximum Server Protection

Our data centers have the highest level of data security available. They have state-of-the-art encryption protocols and robust firewalls, and this provides real protection from breaches and other threats.

The servers are also audited regularly by authorities and hold ISO 27001 certification, meaning they meet the most comprehensive and rigorous standard for data security anywhere in the world.

Our centers are located in Germany, a country with some of the strictest data security regulations. This is deliberate, acting to further reassure our clients about the safety of their website data.

This infrastructure will also allow our platform to grow in the future. We can connect servers together, and have the load balancers and server volumes we need. Thanks to this, we can keep getting better.