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Success Stories

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Technical University of Munich

Removed Cookie Banner and Increased Data Capture by 500%

Who Are They.

  • 37th-ranked university in the world (QS)
  • €1,770.3 million annual budget
  • 50,000 students spread across two campuses

Key TUM Benefits.

  • Collecting data on millions more monthly website visitors
  • Using real data for site optimization, not small samples
  • Removed ugly cookie consent banner, improving website UX

Increased Customer Lifetime Value With White Label Analytics

Who Are They.

  • Romanian website building platform
  • 4,000 active sellers with turnover of €4m
  • GoMag Insights (GI) powered by TWIPLA

Key GoMag Benefits.

  • GI deployed after only three dev days
  • Fully managed and maintained by TWIPLA
  • Additional income from subscriptions

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