Traffic Structure

See All Data Related to Your Incoming Website Traffic

At a Glance. All Incoming Traffic Broken Down Into Channels.

Which are your website's most successful feeder channels?

See how much of your traffic is direct or reaching your website via email, social media, organic search, or referrals.

Check the Share of Each Channel Within Your Website's Visits

Check your channels' historical data at ease!

Which channels are your most important ones in terms of traffic?

See the Average Number of Pages Per Visit for Every Channel

Which visitor channel browsed your website the most?

Reveal how many pages were opened on average per visit based on your traffic channels!

What is Your Average Visit Duration for a Traffic Channel?

Which channel is the most interested in your content?

How long did website visitors of a certain channel remain on your site? And how does it compare to session durations of visitors reaching your website via other traffic channels?

Each Channel’s Individual Bounce Rate

Who bounces first?

Check the average bounce rate for each incoming traffic channel. Which of your channels is the weakest link having the highest bounce rate?