Get Direct Feedback From Your Website Visitors Through Multi-page Surveys

You Want Longer Surveys Set Up in Seconds?

Fire Off a Survey with Just a Few Clicks

Our platform enables you to set up a survey in minutes. You can re-use saved questions from your personal question bank (shared between polls & surveys).

Select from 10 different pre-set main question categories:

  • Short/Long Text Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Slider
  • Rating Scales
  • Simple Rating
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Link
  • And More...

Brand Your Survey Pages

Make Your Surveys Look How You Want

Choose the look & feel, whether you want to show all questions at once, a progress bar or the time it needs to finish the survey and much more. Experiment with the available options in order to reach the maximum response effects.

Gain Complete Insights About Survey Responses & Participants

Enjoy Comprehensive Survey Completion Analytics

Survey reporting isn't limited to responses. See the number of responses, average time to complete a survey, completion rates, bounce rates, actual replies to your questions, infos about survey participants, a funnel analysis and so much more.