Capture Cross-Channel Visitor Feedback

Catch Users Anywhere with Dedicated URL Surveys

Introducing Surveys

Flexible Feedback Delivery

Our surveys tool enables you to easily build professional long-form questionnaires that match your brand. And since they generate in a dedicated page, this URL can then be integrated into emails, social media posts, multi-channel campaigns, or wherever you like to work!

Surveys take less than a minute to create. Comprehensive question types makes for utility of purpose. They're also fully customizable, and the results can be analyzed granularly thanks to the analytics engine powering our impressive website intelligence platform!

Why Use Surveys?

  • Easy to distribute thanks to dedicated webpage URLs.
  • Fully customizable into your business and site branding.
  • Motivate user focus with own-page web surveys.
  • Rich insight potential from response analytics.


More About the Surveys Tool

Give Your Website Visitors a Voice. Build a Community.

Intuitively Designed

Create Surveys in Seconds

All our users can create surveys, though the exact monthly number depends on the pricing plan. Survey construction itself is also easy, taking just a few seconds thanks to an intuitively designed interface. Take a look, everything's as simple and easy to use as it should be.

As such, deciding what to ask is the only task that takes brain power. It's also vital; without strong, well-constructed questions, you won't collect the feedback you need. And while we can't do this for you, we've written about the Art of the Survey if you need a helping hand.

But once you've generated your dedicated URL survey, you then have the flexibility to pause it or edit details whenever you need to. Plus, you can store questions in a handy storage bank and then easily add them to new surveys in the future, saving you time.

Flexible Survey Construction

Choose From 10 Question Types

At TWIPLA, we understand that the range of different question categories dictates survey construction flexibility. That’s why our tool has 10 preset categories to choose from. It means that you can craft effective surveys and then collect invaluable, actionable feedback.

  • Short Text Answers
  • Long Text Answers
  • Multiple Choice
  • Numerical Rating
  • Shape Rating
  • Slider
  • Website Address
  • Phone Number
  • Date
  • Email

Use these question categories strategically. When chosen carefully, you'll find that you can meet any surveying goal you can think of. From getting feedback on small issues to more extensive market research, TWIPLA makes it all possible. So shape surveys to fit your audience preferences, boost participation and limit survey fatigue.

Customizable Appearance

Match Surveys to Site Design

Since our dedicated URL surveys can be used across all marketing channels, they can often be the first webpage(s) that many internet users see. This makes it all the more vital that these webpages match your company branding, design, and overall visual theme.

With TWIPLA, our surveys come completely customizable. Choose the main and background color scheme. Then add your logo. For the system or interface text, select from the eight different language options. It's all easy to do, and only takes a few clicks and toggles.

So leverage the power of our dedicated URL surveys to ensure a smooth browsing experience for website visitors and retain your brand identity. Our surveys are crafted to boost visitor interaction and also guarantee that you gather valuable and reliable feedback.

Flexibly Sharing Capabilities

Use Your Surveys Anywhere

Dedicated URL surveys offer unparalleled versatility since they can be used across any channel. Email them, share them on social media, or print them off and hand them out in the wild. Find your audience wherever they're active and then get the feedback you need!

This format has other benefits. Dedicated pages create the focused environment needed for really insightful replies. They're also user-friendly, being accessible from any device! But if you want to integrate surveys into existing pages, remember we have a polls tool!

Dedicated URLs also create a professional survey environment. This increases trust, and can return more honest, accurate feedback. It's also great for secure data collection! So use our tool to collect the reliable insights you need for truly informed decision-making.

Advanced Feedback Analytics

Enjoy Detailed Surveys Statistics

A survey tool would count for little without analytics. But we're a website analytics platform, it's what we do. So start by accessing a bird's-eye view of all your surveys. There, you'll find key information on participant numbers, completion rates and also response times.

Then, go deeper into the answers. See granular response analytics, with question completions and participant dropout rates displayed in an intuitive funnel chart. Use these insights to see problem areas, pain points, and any other structural issues reducing performance.

So analyze survey results and get the in-depth insights you need. Find out what your customers actually want, allocate resources appropriately, and optimize your engagement and conversion rates. Use them to build a community and make your users feel heard!