Integrate Quick Feedback Bubbles Directly on Your Website Pages

Set Up Your Poll in Seconds

Intutive Poll Creation

Use our extremely user-friendly UI to create an infinite amount of polls for a website. Save questions in a question bank to easily re-use them at a later point in time.

Choose from 10 different pre-set question categories:

  • Short/Long Text Questions
  • Multiple Choice
  • Slider
  • Rating Scales
  • Simple Rating
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website Link
  • And More...

Tailor Where Your Polls Appear & to Whom

Control the Who, Where, and When!

In order to get the maximum effect out of your different polls, you can 

  • display polls either on all pages and for all visitors, 
  • or only on certain URLs and to specified visitor types (i.e. returning visitors, visitors from a certain country, etc.)

Define Your Branding

Style Your Polls to Match Your Business

Select the bubble’s main and background colours, the position, padding and/or logo for each poll. Experiment with the positioning and colouring for reaching the maximum effects.

Get Your Poll Results & Participant Stats

Enjoy a Detailed Breakdown of Survey Results

Differentiate between “General Statistics”, “Polls results”, and “Participants”. See the amount of responses, completion rates, average time to complete a poll, bounce rates, exact answers to your questions, detailed infos about poll participants, a funnel analysis and so much more.