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Five Web Analytics Problems Solved by TWIPLA

Say Good Riddence to Common Issues


Meeting Legal Data Requirements is Difficult

There have been huge strides forward for personal data protection and privacy over the last decade, but particularly since the arrival of the EU GDPR in 2018. Further progress is still needed but businesses now need expertise to sucessfully navigate hundreds of global laws, and many of them are extraterritorial in scope. They need to know which legislation affects them, in what ways, and how requirements will change in the future. More software also creates additional legal responsibilities, and this is especially true of analytics software that relies on website visitor data to function. And so despite the potential benefits of website intelligence, these data privacy laws make this type of platform more hassle than it’s really worth.


TWIPLA Makes Compliance Completely Effortless

TWIPLA comes out of the box fully compliant with all global data privacy laws, including both GDPR and ePrivacy. We're privacy-by-design, data is stored within the EU in Germany, and our advanced cookieless tracking means that no visitor personal data is collected.

And since our platform doesn't use cookies, it removes the need for good personal data governance and ugly cookie consent banners. For us, compliance comes first and we work closely with our lawyers to ensure that TWIPLA adapts to new requirements as they arrive. 

This technology means you can have the analytics that's essential for online success while keeping customers safe. And since there's no compliance work, you can focus better on the work you love.

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Remove the Cookie Banner

Cookie consent banners are an ugly website fundamental for most analytics users. But TWIPLA doesn't use tracking cookies, meaning that businesses can leverage our platform without obliging visitors to carry out a side quest or ruining their UX.

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Website Data Scattered Across Multiple Platforms

Natively, most analytics solutions like Google Analytics only offer web statistics. But succeeding in the competitive online marketplace now requires that businesses leverage a wide range of other behavior analytics and communication tools that dig deeper into performance issues. This means businesses need to use multiple unconnected platforms to meet targets. It's expensive, spreads data out too thinly, and gives too many third party companies access to website data that is strictly controlled by privacy laws. Businesses also need to manage all the login credentials, subscriptions, and other resources required, while employees suffer from martech overload as they jump between platforms. This isn't a good way to access data.


TWIPLA's All-in-One Alternative Keeps Website Data Together

TWIPLA is a website intelligence solution. We offer complete stats on sites and channels, as well as data on competitors and visitor companies of association. Our platform also has behavior analytics visualizers, communication modules, and an eCommerce toolkit.

This means that our software does the job of multiple platforms simultaneously. Businesses can drop expensive subscriptions from their stacks, streamline proccesses, and ensure that employees can build the familiarity with software they need to achieve their goals.

Website data is also all pooled together in one place. This enables businesses to pull deeper insights out of their data, but it's also great for data governance, security, and general customer protection.

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Supercharge Data Capture

Our approximative tracking technology is almost impossible to block and collects data on the 80% of website visitors that are invsible to alternative platforms that rely on cookies. More data means more accurate insights and better guidance.

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Analytics Software is Complicated for the Average Joe

Analytics is probably a game for people with more logic than reason, or for large companies. This software requires staff with the right skills and training, and anyone without the mathematical mind or technical expertise won’t pull much worthwhile out of the numbers they get. And even if they do, actually turning these insights into actionable strategies that make a quantifiable difference to company performance is difficult, particularly in the long term. This all means that in order to adopt website intelligence, businesses will need to invest resources to fill knowledge gaps and ensure a strong ROI from any platform they build strategies on. It's just too complicated to build a business around, and the risk of failure too high to justify.


TWIPLA's User-Friendly Interface & Graphics Simplify Analytics

TWIPLA has an interface that regularly wins awards for user friendliness, with a drag-and-drop system that can be used by anybody. Filters can be built quickly and rolled out across the platform to make it easy for anyone to dig into data like an expert.

Our platform also goes beyond raw statistics by providing behavior analytics tools like heatmaps, session recordings, and more. These engagement visualizers and charts simplify analysis significantly, and show users exactly what they need to do to improve results.

We also have an extensive help center, a community portal, and a responsive, human customer support that all works to ensure that businesses have everything they need to get up to speed quickly.

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White Label-Ready

TWIPLA has a fully managed Analytics-as-a-Service for SaaS platforms and agencies/consultancies. These businesses can offer clients an advanced website intelligence platform under their branding, and earn rolling revenue from subscriptions.

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Data Is Too Spread Out Between Sources to Be ​​​​​​​Manageable

Digital data is obviously far more potent when analyzed collectively. It means more data, less variables, and better accuracy of outcome. But the fragmented nature of the modern martech landscape means that businesses can't pull all their data together for analysis in one location very easily. It's siloed away separately between different data sources, platforms, and formats, and importing it all together into a centralized hub requires a degree of expertise or another expensive subscription. This reality is a shame because it means that a huge number of exciting data combinations, synergies, and relationships remain hidden to any analytics option, and which should be accessible given the importance of holistic analysis.


TWIPLA Centralizes Data Management Without the Silos

As a complete website intelligence solution, TWIPLA acts as a hub that holds all site, channel, and sales data in one place. And since all the features are working from the same non-siloed dataset, they cross-pollinate to pull out insights hidden from unconnected toolkits.

Users also have full ownership of their data, control contributor access, and can export their data outside of the TWIPLA interface at any time. We also never sell data to any third parties, making our platform a strong data management solution in its own right.

But this also allows businesses to go deeper into their data, get more precise insights, and uncover new synergies that would be otherwise inaccessible when done via multiple platforms.

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Customizable Dashboards

Our dashboards pull insights from across the platform into easily-digestable reports. Create as many as you need. Calibrate the TWIPLA interface to your needs. Control access and streamline collaborations. Make analytics work for you.

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Legitimate Data Collection Is Missed by Analytics

While the European Union has the strictest data privacy legislation in the world - for the moment at least, businesses shouldn't need to standardize global practices around this single trading bloc. Many organizations need to collect customer personal data to function effectively and online business quickly becomes global in nature. In this context, the one-size-fits-all approach of most website analytics platforms to visitor data capture means businesses have to sacrifice legitimate data collection in one region to appease the requirements in another. This uncaptured data represents a missed opportunity for customer knowledge and could make a difference to performance, particularly in regional markets where people behave differently.


TWIPLA Calibrates by Country of Origin to Maximize Capture

TWIPLA has a dynamic privacy center that enables users to control local data capture. The different privacy modes collect increasing layers of identifiable data. and businesses can activate a different mode for any and all countries that website traffic originate from.

Each of the four privacy modes meets clear legal thresholds. This makes it easy to choose the right one for each location, and we also provide resources to help businesses identify responsibilities when one of the lower three privacy modes is activated for any country.

Taking a few minutes to calibrate data collection by country of origin will enable you to maximize legimitate data capture around the local laws protecting internet users, and increase the utility of insights.

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