Maximum Data Privacy Mode

No Cookies & No Needed Consent

TWIPLA is now running without cookies. This way, website visitor tracking becomes safer, more privacy compliant and more accurate.

Furthermore, we have just released our innovative "complete protection mode", which is now available in your TWIPLA dashboard, in the "Website settings" section.

Activate this mode and you will be able to track website visits without having to worry about getting consent upfront from your visitors. TWIPLA can simply run in the background without you having to include it in your cookie-consents/-banners. 

How does it work?

Even without cookies, there is still a small quantity of personal data that may be gathered for your website, when you use TWIPLA. This data refers to:

  • the IP of the visitor
  • his/her page history on your website

If you, as a website owner, feel that you absolutely need this data, you MUST first ask consent from your users, before gathering it. This is needed in order to fully comply with privacy laws such as: GDPR, CCPA, LGPD etc. This involves placing a consent banner/pop-up right as the visitor is accesing your website.

But if this data is not essential, you can enable the "complete protection mode" and this data will not be collected anymore and you will not be able to see it in your dashboard.

Choose this option and you simply do not need any consent from your website visitors, in regards to the TWIPLA app.

No personal data will be stored. No cookies are being used. Data is used in an aggregated form and it cannot be connected to the personal details of any individual. So there is no need for consent. One less thing to worry about when you manage your website.