Website Statistics

Check website statistics, track visitor traffic, and analyze stats with advanced analytics. Get insights into visits, clicks, and optimize your website.

Web Stats Overview

All the most important KPIs at a glimpse. Instantly compare the website performance in two time intervals of your choice.

Based on your time period selection see:

Website's Traffic Structure

How is my website's traffic structured? Do I get most visits via social media or email campaigns?

Understand your website's traffic and its sources. Focus on the channels that already bring you a lot of visitors or try to improve the ones that yet don't!

Website Visitor Statistics

How many website visitors does my website get? The starting point for any company or entrepreneur is knowing the basic stats about their audience.

Turn your website visitors into powerful insights! This feature offers everything you need to know about your visitors:

And so much more....

Pages Performance

How much traffic does my website get is not the only question you should ask in terms of statistics.

You should know what type of content your visitors prefer, where they land and where they exit the website. Find out all about your website's pages. See all important web page analytics & metrics, such as the:

And many others ...

Competition Analysis

Check how your website is performing in comparison to other actors within your business sector.

Based on your selected country/city, see how websites of the selected business sector are doing, on average, in terms of:

Hardware Information

Any website needs to adapt to the way the visitors are using it. User experience may vary depending on the device they use.

Strategically optimize your web & mobile presence and user experience by checking out your:


UTM Campaigns Performance

Add another insight about web page analytics, by researching exactly where visitors are coming from.

Enhance your existing links with Urchin Tracking Module parameters in order to let our tool to automatically process & visualize your marketing campaigns data!
With your marketing campaigns you can better understand where your traffic is coming from and find out the exact referrer like:

And sooo much more...


It's like Magic

Reveal Your Visitors' Company or Service Provider

Discover which companies have been visiting your website via their business network provider. Gain valuable insights that support ABM campaigns, enhance ICP development, and help you to turn visits into pipeline.

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