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Website Intelligence News Roundup May 2024

Monthly Musings from the World of Analytics

Simon Coulthard May 30, 2024

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Welcome to May's news roundup, your one-stop-shop for information on everything that's happened at TWIPLA this month.

There's no shortage of new platform updates to learn about. A new tracking code add-on can increase data collection when running your website below Maximum Privacy Mode, and we've enhanced the privacy credentials of our Session Recordings. There's also new visualizations, filters, and TWIPLA settings that will enable you to personalize the platform even more than before.

We've also got two fascinating Webinars lined up for June. They'll help you to better understand the latest martech options and how you can achieve business goals in a way that respects internet user data rights. This is important for both privacy compliance and brand reputation, and you can find details of each event below. 

May has also seen many new additions to our resource library. We've tackled consent management, product-led growth, sustainable marketing, and data minimization. These are four important subject areas that many successful companies are using to increase revenue, reduce costs, and streamline workflows, and you'll find links to these blogs further down.

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Succeeding in eCommerce within the boundaries set by data privacy laws requires building an effective, cookieless martech stack that includes both store analytics and customer experience personalization.

To help you understand the current marketing landscape, ODOSCOPE and TWIPLA have teamed up to provide advice on how online sellers can enhance their eCommerce strategies by leveraging data anonymity tools, cookieless AI analytics, and other advanced privacy-first technology that is shaking up current business practices.

So join ODOSCOPE's Matthias Bettag and TWIPLA's Dragos Gal for an hour-long conversation that dives into these subjects. They will run through the challenges and opportunities presented by these different innovations as well as some insightful case studies, and there will be a Q&A session at the end if you want your voice heard.

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About Our PartnerODOSCOPE helps e-retailers increase sales through AI-powered merchandizing and personalization. Based in Germany, their customer engagement platform is ideal for data-driven analysis and real-time decision making.

Website analytics is bread-and-butter martech for marketers given its power to report on the performance of any and all online activities, guide digital optimization, and help businesses to achieve tangible goals.

And while Google Analytics still remains the most popular option by global market share, it certainly feels that - between its lack of tools, complexity, and legal issues - this dominance is coming to an end.

Cookieless Tech founder Alberto di Risio is an expert on the subject, and he's sitting down with TWIPLA's Head of Enterprise Dragos Gal to discuss the emerging technologies that are giving GA users food for thought. They look at how Google's software compares with advanced website intelligence alternatives, as well as the surprising data points that marketers should be tracking in 2024.

This Webinar will take place on June 25th, and you'll be able to find more information about it on our LinkedIn page closer to the time.

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About Our Partner: Cookieless Tech is an information portal for marketers looking for guidance migrating to cookieless martech. They provide a wealth of expert software advice and guides that serve to make this necessary process as simple as possible.

Platform Updates

May's been another busy month for us here at TWIPLA, and we've rolled out many new features for you to enjoy. Watch the video for a quick summary of what's changed, or scroll on for more details about each new feature.

This redesign of the Pages Dashboard is probably the most striking update to TWIPLA this month. Click into this interface and you'll notice a new split view, with the standard list of webpages joined by a new visualization report block.

Clicking on any of the listed pages will then activate a graph that can be toggled to show any of the following information:

  • Page view count.
  • Page views as a percentage of total website page views.
  • Direct page view numbers.
  • Total visitor count.
  • New visitor numbers.
  • Returning visitor count.
  • Average session duration.
  • Bounce rate.

Crucially, you can also select up to seven pages from your list to see comparative data side by side, and the graph can be toggled to show daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly insights.

This is a great new feature that makes it even easier to analyze page performance at a glance, and we're working on rolling out this feature across the platform in the months to come. And when you don't want this information displayed, the report block can be easily slid out of view.

Visit the Pages Dashboard Support Center Page

TWIPLA's Pages Dashboard just got even more powerful with the introduction of new traffic channel filtering options.

Admittedly, insights on visitors from search engines, social media, referrers, and so on were already available through Traffic Structure.

But integrating these filters into the Pages Dashboard enhances analytics granularity when analyzing website performance from the perspective of individual webpages. It means that users can now combine these new traffic channel filters with other filters to uncover deeper insights and new data synergies to guide their online success.

Visit the Pages Dashboard Support Center Page

Calibrating TWIPLA's time zone to your business is the basis of data accuracy and relevancy. This alignment is essential if you're to effectively analyze visitor behavior patterns, optimize campaigns, and make informed decisions based on peak traffic periods.

Our international community of users has grown considerably in recent years. We've now responded to this by adding more time zone options for different non-US cities, and you can find these choices in the Website Settings section of the platform. It's a small change maybe, but one that will make it easier for our users to calibrate the platform to their needs.

Visit the Website Settings Support Center Page

TWIPLA's weekly email report provides a useful bird-eye summary of website performance, but it was only previously available for a single subscriber - a slight oversight on our behalf given the collaborative nature of website optimization activites.

That's now been rectified. Go into Website Settings, and you'll now find that you can add up to 50 subscribers to the list. Simply input a new email address, confirm it by following the instructions in the triggered verification email, and this new subscriber will then start receiving these weekly summaries.

Visit the Website Settings Support Center Page

Go into the website management section of Account Settings, and you'll now find two tracking codes available.

  • Option 1 (Default Tracking Code): We recommend loading this snippet if you're running your website in Maximum Privacy Mode and without a cookie banner.
  • Option 2 (Non Consent Tracking Code): We recommend loading this new add on snippet if you don't run TWIPLA completely in Maximum Privacy Mode, but still want a fully compliant data collection fundament for visitors that do not accept your website's cookie banner.

More About the New Non-Consent Tracking Code Add-On

One limitation when using the default tracking code is that, when TWIPLA is not calibrated to Maximum Privacy Mode, legitimate visitor data capture is restricted to people who consent to cookie practices via your consent banner. This can result in an incomplete dataset and less accurate website insights.

We've introduced this new snippet add-on to mitigate this issue. It enables you to legimately collect data on session numbers and triggered events from visitors when you're not running your website in Maximum Privacy Mode. For all other visitors, we recommend loading the default tracking code.

Remember, you should never load both tracking codes for the same visitor at the same time.


But if you only load the Non-Consent-Tracking-Code for all your visitors, and which will be therefore be used regardless of whether each one accepts cookie practices, you'll ALWAYS get session data in a way that meets the principles of TWIPLA's Maximum Privacy Mode.

Visit the Tracking Code Installation Support Center Page

At TWIPLA, we're always looking for ways to increase the security of our users and their website visitors. In the past, Session Recordings might have been displaying sensitive information within login boxes or other fields, and we've long been thinking about ways to remove this information from view.

This functionality has now been deployed as an option in Website Setting. Simply toggle on "Obscure all text", and any text on your webpages will now be replaced by gobbledygook placeholder text in Session Recordings created from that moment onward.

Visit the Session Recordings Support Center Page

Consent management is the work that businesses need to to to collect and manage internet user consent for what they do with their data. It's important stuff in the age of GDPR, and thankfully there's no shortage of tools that you can use to facilitate this process.

Jump into this article if you want to understand everything about the subject. You'll learn about all the legal responsibilities that businesses have around user data, the consequences of mismanagement, and find details about the best consent management platforms that will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Read the Blog: Consent Management 101

Better Analytics Means More Revenue for Web Hosts

Read a blog by web hosting expert Łukasz Gawior. He's written about the lack of website intelligence provision, and explains the benefits of such partnerships for differentiation, Customer Aquisition Cost, and Customer Lifetime Value.

Visit Webhosting.todaycircle-arrow-right.svg

At a time when economic realities are biting, product-led growth has become an increasingly popular business strategy. It brings focus and investment back to what matters - the product itself - and some of the most successful SaaS companies are using this approach to drive unprecedented revenue growth.

If you've heard the term floating around and want to know more, then this article is a great place to start. It explains how businesses can create a product-led growth strategy from scratch, how marketing feeds into it, and why it's so effective. It also includes case studies of Figma, Canva, and other well-known platforms that have used these ideas to jump ahead of the competition.

Read the Blog: Product-Led Growth and Marketing

Sustainability is today a vital consideration for business. Environmental requirements are enshrined in law, consumers value sustainability more than ever, and green businesses will build a higher ESG rating and make themselves eligible for more investment capital.

Sustainable marketing is nothing new - it's common to see companies shouting about their eco-credentials. However, this message has to reflect a deep-rooted commitment to the isssues involved or businesses will be accused of greenwashing.

This article explains what to do. In it, you'll learn about sustainable marketing as a concept. It provides ideas that businesses can use to increase their sustainability rating, and there's no shortage of case studies that show the potency of green marketing. We've also included examples of companies that have done untold damage to their brand by lying about their environmental consciousness.

Read the Blog: What Is Eco-Friendly Sustainable Marketing?

Storing too much personal data is dangerous for customers. Data breaches happen, and it's important that businesses work to minimize the fallout for their community. Data storage is also expensive and pointless given how quickly the value of data decays.

Crucially, data minimization is also a key privacy principle that keeps businesses on the right side of global legal requirements. Have a read of this blog if you want to learn your responsibilties, build a strategy for ensuring compliance, or if you're on the hunt for software that can help with this work.

Read the Blog: Data Detox - Mastering Data Minimization

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That's All Our News from May 2024

And that's it, that's everything that's happened in our world of privacy-perfect website intelligence since April.

It's been quite the ride, and it's always fascinating to see the capabilities of our development team to find new ways to make TWIPLA better every month.

If you want to keep up with platform updates, industry insights, and all the events that we organize every month, then we recommend that you subscribe to the monthly newsletter email if you haven't already.

And until next month, happy analytics!

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