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Website Intelligence News Roundup December 2023

Monthly Musings from the World of Analytics.

Simon Coulthard December 15, 2023

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Welcome to another roundup of all the key events, product updates, and news from the fast-paced world of website intelligence this December. And since it's the end of the year, this is a special one.

We're on quite the roll here at TWIPLA. This year has seen the fruition of years of hard work, with our development team releasing so many new features and updates that the marketing team can barely keep up! We've revamped almost every part of our infrastructure, and have set ourselves up nicely for further success in the years to come.

Frankly, it's remarkable how much has changed since 2022, and how much more useful our platform is to businesses, marketers, and website owners than it was 12 months ago. This news roundup acts as a summary of some of our biggest achievements, and also introduces some new projects that we've been working on in December.

What's Inside.

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With the new year just around the corner, we're working on a whole host of exciting new projects to help people get even more out of their website in 2024.

One big thing in the pipeline is a new online community portal. This will work to tie all our different digital channels together, and provide our community of marketers, website owners, and privacy advocates with a one-stop-shop where they can learn how to get the most out of our website intelligence suite, connect with others, and drive success.

It's the brainchild of our brilliant new Community Manager Jorge. He wants to develop it in a way that makes it as useful as possible for our 2.5 million-strong community, and we'd love to hear your ideas about the format and focus that you'd be most interested in.

As such, we've created a short three-question poll; feel free to complete it if you haven't already and give us the feedback we need for the portal to blossom!

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2023: Our Year in Review.

TWIPLA's Milestones for the Year.

December's a magical time of the year for many reasons, but it also gives us an opportunity to look back and take stock of just how much we've achieved over the last year. Despite all the uncertainties that have been buffering the tech industry since the COVID-19 pandemic, we've gone from strength to strength in 2023.

It's been a real whirlwind in the most positive way, and our website intelligence platform is today almost unrecognizable compared with twelve months ago. Here are just some of the key landmarks from the last year:

From Visitor Analytics to TWIPLA

Our rebranding from Visitor Analytics was a big step, and we've also used it as an opportunity to completely rewrite all our main webpages to give visitors a better idea about the capabilities of our website intelligence solution. Feel free to jump into them via the top horizontal navigation bar and reacquaint yourself with the platform.

We chose TWIPLA, a loose acronym for The Website Intelligence Platform that neatly explains what our analytics solution has grown into - an all-in-one website optimization guide that has been cleverly designed to meet all data privacy laws by default.

We're all pretty happy with the new brand, even if Mihai has developed a hopefully non-contagious distaste for the new logo. But if that's what inspired our Chief Technical Officer to develop such a strong white label version of the platform, then the rebranding was worth it for that alone!

Brand New Platform Infrastructure

Behind the scenes, we finished our migration to a massive new technical infrastructure. This includes an advanced analytics cluster that opens the door to an almost limitless number of fascinating new data synergies. It also enabled us to roll out a brand new filtering engine, making it far easier for users to tailor insights to their business ICPs.

This infrastructure has laid the foundation for a flurry of new features that we've released over the last year (and with many more to come!). Crucially, these have all been developed around our guiding principle that privacy comes first and our success here means better insights for our users, and better protection for their visitors.

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Record Year for Analytics Awards

We won a record 15 analytics awards in 2023 for everything from affordability and performance to user happiness, trustworthiness, and quality. This means that we have now won over 60 awards since 2019. and these awards have really helped to motivate us throughout the year.

Trust matters for software companies, and this industry recognition has really helped us to extend our reach and make more businesses, website owners, and marketers aware of our platform - not to mention just how advanced privacy-first technology has become.

See Our Industry AwardsRead Our User Reviews

Our Community Continues to Grow

Our user base has skyrocketed in the last year; we're attracting more users than ever before, and have passed the 2.5-million-user-milestone. And with more native plugins, enhanced customer support, and more features coming in 2024, it really feels like this is only the beginning of what's possible for our platform.

The Technical University of Munich is probably our most famous partner, and they're surprised by just how much more website traffic data they can now analyze. This partnership has also proven our platform's capacity to comfortably handle complex large data environments, and is a testament to the ability of our development team to exceed expectations again and again.

We're also welcoming more and more enterprise clients, and our white-label analytics solution has really started to thrive.

This means that SaaS platforms and agencies/consultancies can now offer our privacy-perfect website intelligence solution to their end-users and clients, improve their own service offerings, and make money in the process. These partnerships are also great for all our users, enabling us to limit test our analytics and develop new features that we then roll out to all our users!

Discover TWIPLA for SaaS PlatformsLearn About Analytics for Agencies

Company Reveal is a fascinating new tool that reveals the businesses that website visitors associate with if the IP address has been registered to their business name - making it particularly useful for businesses that target enterprise clients.

Ultimately, it makes it easy to identify and analyze the businesses that are taking an interest in your website, and means that you can contact them equipped with knowledge about the representative and exactly what they did across your website.

Discover Company Reveal

Businesses need to comply with the privacy laws local to each of their website visitors. But since most privacy-focused analytics platforms take a one-size-fits-all approach to global data collection, this means that a lot of legitimate data is not being collected.

At TWIPLA, we've responded to this by introducing Custom Country Data (CCD) as part of our newly-developed Dynamic Privacy Center. This enables users to decide which of the four privacy levels to activate for visitors on a country-by-country basis to ensure that they can maximize data capture within the restrictions set by national and regional privacy laws.

Discover Custom Country Data

We developed this feature on request from the Technical University of Munich, and introduced it to our wider community in Q4 2023. It means that users can now create as many custom dashboards as they want by cherry picking report blocks from our entire analytics suite. This works to streamline data analysis, as well as to improve the ability of website owners to calibrate with others and control who can access their sensitive data.

Discover Custom Dashboards

We've completely revamped the TWIPLA platform's filtering approach to fully harness the potential of our new analytics cluster engine. This update introduces a seamless and versatile data filtering experience, allowing users to apply filters in a variety of new ways, including by UTM campaign parameters, URL, and traffic structure.

This enhanced filtering capability has been integrated throughout the platform, empowering users to make informed decisions and gain in-depth insights into visitor trends, preferences, and behaviors. Additionally, users can transform any activated filtering fields into reusable templates across their website(s), streamlining their platform navigation and enabling them to focus exclusively on relevant data for their tasks.

Our Custom Dashboards may have stolen the show this year, but the Pages Dashboard also deserves its moment in the spotlight. This dashboard has streamlined page analysis enormously, enabling users to deeply analyze webpages in just a few seconds.

It's made it easy to check the performance of any page or page type. Page traffic can be filtered any number of ways, and users can group pages by up to the fifth page path and see cumulated stats on each. So jump in if you haven't already and see how useful this report panel is for getting the results from pages that you want!

Discover Our Pages Dashboard

Visitor Segments is an additional new filtering system that streamlines the ability of users to dig deep into their website data. Once created, they can be activated in the Pages Dashboard with a single click to reveal some fascinating new insights.

Use this advanced tool to filter report block data around targeted visitor traits, or compare different audience segments. This has been made possible by our powerful new analytics cluster, and it really takes analytics to the next level!

Top-Ranking Articles in 2023.

Now that the festival holidays are finally on us and our marketing team is sloping away for their Christmas break, it's a good time to look back at the articles that have made the biggest impression on our audience over the last year.

So scroll down through our five most popular blogs for the year and learn what matters most to our wider community. And of course, sign up to this monthly newsletter if you want to receive similar website intelligence insights straight to your inbox each month.

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Analytics-as-a-Service gives SaaS companies the opportunity to integrate our fully managed analytics features into their own platform and branding. This enables integration partners to enhance their own service offerings and to motivate end-users to upgrade, while also opening up an additional income stream without having to invest in the necessary infrastructure. It's really a win-win particularly during what is a testing time for the tech industry as a whole.

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The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has this month made a landmark decision on the legitimacy of credit rating industry processes under GDPR. SCHUFA is Germany's largest credit agency, and Europe's highest court has found that its automatic decision-making and data retention is illegal in most instances.

This has far-reaching implications that extend to any businesses. It's also welcome news. Many people will have been confused about why credit rating agencies were continuing to hold such influential personal information in a way that seemed to contravene modern data privacy laws about transparency and data retention, and this ruling pulls these companies in line with citizen data rights.

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We'll Return With More Web Intelligence in 2024.

And that's it. That's your website intelligence news roundup for December, and summary of all the biggest landmarks that have enlivened our journey through 2023. It's been a real adventure. There's a real buzz around the company about what the next year holds in store for us and it feels like all the jigsaw pieces are falling neatly into place.

We've got some exciting partnerships waiting in the wings and have nearly finished developing some more new features that will put even more space between TWIPLA and the competition. So sign up to the newsletter, connect with us on social media, or sign up to TWIPLA if you haven't already and join us for the next stage of the journey.

Merry Christmas and Happy Analytics everyone!

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