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Website Intelligence News Roundup April 2024

Monthly Musings from the World of Analytics

Simon Coulthard April 25, 2024

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Hello again and welcome to another edition of our monthly website intelligence news roundup - we've got so much to tell you about!

The big news that eclipses everything else is our new content delivery network. It means that we now have data servers in all four corners of the global (well, nine to be precise for the moment), and this speeds up TWIPLA's load times for all of our users.

And beyond that, we've made quite a few tweaks and changes to the platform that make it easier to use. There's been design improvements to the tooltips, improved session recording searchability, and fresh blogs to help you get the most out of our platform.

Let's dive in! 

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Ok, so in truth we deployed our new CDN a few months ago but only just found time to publicize it.

That's a shame because it's a massive change to our underlying infrastructure, with this network of servers significantly increasing JavaScript loading time to ensure site health. 

And if you want to learn more about the subject, this blog is a good place to start. In it, you'll learn what a content delivery network is and why it has such a big impact on TWIPLA's performance. It also introduces our three current partner CDN providers and provides details about our site selection criteria.

Read the Blog: How TWIPLA's CDN Drastically Improves Load Times

Our mission is to develop our website intelligence platform to resolve shortcomings that are common elsewhere on the market: think privacy issues, incomplete features, data siloing and so forth. We're far from finished, but you can read about the five web analytics problems solved by TWIPLA if you need further reassurance that you've made the right choice.

It's almost as if it's the development team are the real heros and not us in marketing. 👀

And when it comes to Session Recordings, the big one is that users have difficulty finding the replays that will be helpful to whatever work they're focusing on. That's why we've integrated them with Conversion Funnels, and why we've added a whole host of granular filtering options that allow you to really zone in on what's actually useful.

We've also now added another filter option that enables you to search for a video by its ID. It's a small change maybe, but one that stops you losing a recording when you need it again.

Visit the Session Recordings Support Center

We launched Custom Dashboards back in November 2023, and have since kept our ears open for ways to make it even nicer for our users. One small thing that bugged many of them was the character limitation for custom dashboard names but hopefully not any more!

Go into the platform, and you'll see that the maximum character length has been increased to 50. Again, it's another small change but one that will hopefully make it possible for users to include the information they need to identify why they created each one in the first place.

And while it still doesn't give users the space to include the longest word in German (that's Rinderkennzeichnungsfleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz since you asked), we didn't want to overload our servers just to make Germany's crazy bureaucrats happy.

Visit the Custom Dashboards Support Center

Our feature tour is something that really helps users to get up to speed with the TWIPLA interface. As an all-in-one website intelligence solution, there's a huge number of tools, and we know how tricky it can be to find what you need when using software for the first time.

We've also released many new features over the last year. There's eCommerce Statistics, Company Reveal, and Custom Country Data, as well as the Pages and Custom Dashboards. And thanks to an advanced new analytics cluster, we've been able to significantly improve TWIPLA's filtering and visitor segmentation capabilities.

Unfortunately, these new features weren't included in the feature tour. But that's now been rectified. If you're a new user, why not spend a minute to run through it and get acquainted with your new analytics plaything. If you're an old hand at it, you might find something you've missed. And if you haven't opened an account, what are you waiting for?

Visit the Support Center

New Tooltip Behavior for Titles and Tabs

But of course, it's not just new users that need help and finding the tools is just the start - you'll also want to know how to actually use them properly. As such, we've peppered the platform with useful popup help boxes that you can refer to without having to leave the platform or go to the Support Center.

However, we were getting feedback from users who found these tooltips distracting. They would pop up on their own and get in the way of what they were doing - ultimately ruining the browsing experience - it was unhelpful help that they could do without most of the time.

That's a thing of the past. Now, if you want to get tips on how to use any of the features of sub modules, you'll need to deliberately click on a feature title or tab, as shown in the video above. Help is still there, but only when you need it.

Watch More Tutorials on YouTube

If you found that video helpful, we regular record similar tutorials for all our tools and you can find them together on our popular YouTube channel. And if you need help with something that we haven't got round to covering yet, feel free to get in touch!

Visit Our Tutorials Playlist on YouTube

Who actually likes cookie banners? As it turns out, not many away from Europe's lawmakers.

Businesses can invest a huge amount of money and effort into privacy compliance, with cookie banners the very tip of the iceberg. However the fast majority of them don't actually meet data privacy standards like GDPR.

Most website visitors also do everything in their power to limit personal data collection. This prevents much of the underlying martech from working properly, and makes these banners a waste of time.

And taken together, this means that only 0.1% of internet users accept legally compliant cookie consent banners.

This blog provides a bite-sized overview of cookie banners - what they are, how they can be designed to meet data privacy requirements, and why so many of them fall short of legislative expectations. It also explains what businesses can do to remove the need for these ugly barriers to data capture altogether.

Read the Blog: Why You Don't Actually Need a Cookie Banner

User experience optimization is all about building a website that visitors will love: think ease of navigation, loading speed, mobile compatibility, and so on. And from the business' point of view, UX optimization means making it as easy as possible for customers to buy what brought them there in the first place.

It's essential work, and particularly since the ROI is so breathtakingly high. In this blog, we provide a handy overview of user experience, and provide recommendations on the best software that website owners can use as a guide to user experience optimization.

And in honour of Curb Your Enthusiasm's final season finale, we've also included some gifs of the one and only Larry David for your enjoyment - pretty, pretty good!

Read the Blog: User Experience Analytics - Definition, Strategy, and Top Tools

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That's All Our News from April 2024

And there you go, that's everything that's happened in our world of privacy-first website intelligence since March. 

Of course, our work is never done and we're working on many fantastic new features that will be hitting your screen soon. If you don't want to miss anything in the future, then why not subscribe to this newsletter and receive a summary of changes direct to your inbox at the end of each month?

Until next time, happy analytics!

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