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TWIPLA's Global Content Delivery Network Drastically Improves Load Times

Simon Coulthard April 16, 2024

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TWIPLA's new Content Delivery Network (CDN) has increased the loading time of JavaScript to ensure site health.

This is a huge change to our underlying infrastucture, and significantly improves performance when compared to our historic DNS-only server network.

In this blog, we'll explain what a Content Delivery Network is before introducing our three current CNS providers and the benefits of this infrastructure for our users.

Let's dive in!

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What is a Content Delivery Network?

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. This global infrastructure ensures that our users are in close proximity to one of these nodes, resulting in faster load times and a number of other performance improvements that we'll outline below.

If you need help getting your head around this concept, think of the handy network of ATM machines around you. Instead of having to go into your bank, you can use whichever hole in the wall is nearby - a system that gives you fast access to cash whenever you need it.

CDNs work on the principles of dynamic acceleration, edge logic computations, and caching - a process that temporarily stores data in server centers around the world, and enables TWIPLA to connect to the server nearest to you.

However, it's important to note that we also still use DNS-based routing so that traffic hits the closest node to our users.

TWIPLA’s Global CDN Map

Node Location

CDN Provider*

Nuremberg, Germany


Helsinki, Finland


London, United Kingdom


Ashburn, Virginia, United States


Hillsboro, Oregon, United States




Sydney, Australia


Sao Paolo, Brazil


Mumbai, India


* Our providers could change in the future. We monitor privacy compliance, capacity and security, and keep an eye open for alternatives that will make the network even better.

About Our Three CDN Providers

TWIPLA's nodes are distributed between multiple content delivery network providers. This means that we're not reliant on a single organization, and this minimizes the risk of service disruption that comes from having a centralized system or single point of failure. It's a sensible approach, and one that enhances flexibility, resilience, and scalability. 

We also don't use a third party CDN to ensure that our platform remains compliant with all global data privacy laws, including GDPR, and means that we retain complete control over user data.

We've chosen to work with Hetzner, Hostinger, and OVHcloud, three state-of-the-art companies with the infrastructure that our website intelligence platform needs for optimal performance. And while our choices have no impact on TWIPLA from a user perspective, you can find information about these partners below:

Hetzner is a German operator of high-tech data centers that has been around since 1997, and provides clients with environmentally friendly and state-of-the-art server technology.

They share our commitment to data privacy and we've long been using their sites in Nuremberg and Falkenstein for our DNS servers. Hetzner opened a new data center in Helsinki in 2021 after investing in a substantial subsea cable project, and we added this site to our CDN network to speed up performance for our Scandinavian users.

Hetzner recently opened two AMD-based cloud data centers in Virginia and Oregon, making them an obvious choice as we looked to enhance performance for our users in the US.

OVHcloud is one of the world's largest cloud infrastructure and technology organization, with 450,000 servers spread between 37 data centers around the world. Their sites meet the strictest international standards, including ISO/IEC 27001, GDPR compliance, ISO/IEC 27017, 27018, and ISO/IEC 27701 certification, an approach that underlines their commitment to data security, privacy, and risk management.

Based in France, some of their most famous clients include Carrefour, Renault, Cristian Dior, and Agache Financial - a French banking organization.

They're a key provider in the Asia Pacific region. OVHcloud's newly deployed data center in Singapore has added 2MW to national capacity. Advanced water cooling technology makes it both the most environmentally sustainable site in the country and the perfect choice for us in a location with stringent restrictions on the construction of new data centers.

OVHcloud now also has two sites in Sydney, with the second site opening in Spring 2024. We chose them for the Oceania arm of our CDN because of their capacity to delivery low latency access, world class security, and compliance with Australian privacy laws.

They're also well established in Britain. making their London office and data centers an ideal addition to our CDN network for UK-based users.

Hostinger is a globally recognized web hosting company. Founded back in 2004, they've been one of Europe's fastest-growing companies since 2019.

They run ten data centers in eight countries around the world. Each one has been designed and built to the highest security specifications, with biometric access control and state-of-the-art fire suppression systems. Hostinger also employs server hardening, redundency, and failover mechanisms to best protect the infrastructure from potential threats.

And crucially for us at TWIPLA, Hostinger meets the highest industry-recognized standards. These include ISO/IEC 27001 and PCI DSS, as well as compliance with GDPR and HIPAA.

We chose Hostinger's site in Brazil for the Latin American node of our global CDN because of the commitment they've shown to LGPD - the country's federal data privacy law that governs all personal data processing within the country.

They're also one of the few hosting providers that has data centers in India. The country's Digital Personal Data Protection Act (DPDPA) brings GDPR-like data protection to the country, making Mumbai an ideal location for one of our South Asian nodes.

How Our CDN Improves Load Times

Our new content delivery network means that a user's website data is connected to the node closest to them. This proximity minimizes the physical distance that data needs to travel, resulting in faster data retrieval and shorter load times.  

It also reduces latency - the delay between the initiation of a request and the response by TWIPLA - and enhances load balancing. This allows the network to efficiently distribute incoming traffic across multiple servers based on both capacity and request proximity. As a result, TWIPLA now performs optimally even during periods of high demand, without server overload or the risk of slowdowns and downtime.

CDNs also use caching to store frequently accessed content at edge servers located closest to users. This cached content is served directly from the CDN servers, eliminating the need to retrieve data from the origin server for subsequent requests. As a result, load times are significantly reduced, particularly for static or non-personalized content.

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That's Our Improved Load Times Explained

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