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Affiliate Marketing: Promote Links for Free

Editorial Staff March 14, 2019

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Let's talk affiliate marketing tips!

Affiliate marketing is the act of promoting other peoples' products on your website in return for commission from each sale.

It can undoubtedly be a great little money spinner.

This blog will explain what affiliate marketing is in more detail, before then providing some practical affiliate marketing tips for promoting your links for free.

Let's go!

Affiliate marketing tips - TWIPLA website intelligence blog

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Before we get to the affiliate marketing tips, let's first get to grips with this digital marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting a product or service in order to get a reward for it.

So one way to think about it would be Newton’s third law of motion — “every action has an opposite or equal reaction.” Or the equivalent of “You get what you p̶a̶y̶ promote for” when it comes to your affiliate links.

Being an affiliate can be really rewarding as you can make money every day if you place your affiliate links at the right place, in the right moment, for the right people. But how do you do it efficiently?

Simple Affiliate Marketing Tips

Affiliate Marketing Tip #1 Post the Affiliate Link on Your Socials

Firstly, post your link on your social media account along with a nice caption about the product/service: why would you recommend it and also how will your community/followers benefit from it. But be careful not to spam by posting it too many times!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #2 Share it in Relevant Social Media Groups

Secondly, and if you decide to go rogue on social media, you should first identify where you can relate the product with the group’s agenda and also if it is allowed to post this kind of links. And then check for topics that are already opened on the groups. You may find people looking for exactly the type of solution you are promoting, so you could answer them directly!

Affiliate Marketing Tip #3 Create a Tutorial or Presentation About the Product

Finally, people are visual and also need to know why you recommend a product before they’d buy it. So telling them your story and how the product helped you might convince them more easily.

Remember, Presentation is Key

This Affiliate Marketing Tip is Crucial!

Ok, lots of shares, but how can you also wrap-up your affiliate links in nicely-designed-stories worth clicking?

No matter if you are a writer, designer or social media person, you will nevertheless need to know what your followers’ interests are and also the benefits of product you are promoting. Here is how you can visually share your story:

YouTube Video Tutorial

Begin your promotional campaign with a captivating YouTube video tutorial. In this video, introduce the product and also emphasize its key features and benefits. Also take the time to provide a clear demonstration of how to use the product, making sure your explanation is concise and also easy to follow. Real-life examples and success stories related to the product can certainly be powerful additions to your presentation. Don't forget to also include a compelling call to action, encouraging viewers to click the link you'll provide in the video description for more information or to make a purchase. Be sure to optimize your video's title, description, and tags to improve its visibility on YouTube. Follow these affiliate marketing tips and your YouTube video should set your affiliate marketing alight!

Slideshare Presentation

Complement your video with a visually appealing Slideshare presentation. Start by explaining why you personally use the service and how it has also positively impacted your life or work. Also showcase any relevant data or statistics that highlight the effectiveness of the product. Use clear headings and bullet points to structure your presentation effectively. Provide concrete examples of what users can achieve with the product. In the presentation description, also include a direct link to the product or your affiliate link. To reach a wider audience, consider sharing the presentation on other social media platforms and relevant online communities.

Article on Product

Craft a comprehensive article that delves deeper into the product's features and benefits. Share your personal experiences and insights, detailing how the product has made a difference in your life or work. Also discuss the unique features that set it apart from competitors, making it a valuable choice for your audience. Enhance your article with compelling visuals, such as images and infographics. Within the article, strategically place hyperlinks to the product or your affiliate link to facilitate easy access. To maximize your article's impact, promote it on various platforms, including your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, and also through guest posts on relevant websites.

Instagram Product Image

Engage your Instagram audience with an attention-grabbing product image. Design an image that not only showcases the product in an appealing way but also captures the essence of its benefits. Also craft a compelling caption that highlights the product's advantages and encourages your followers to take action by clicking the link provided in your bio. Don't forget to use relevant hashtags to increase the discoverability of your post. If you have more to share, also consider also using Instagram Stories to create short video teasers that pique curiosity about the product.

Product Comparison

To provide valuable insights, create a product comparison where you contrast the product you're promoting with similar products you've used in the past. Highlight the unique advantages and benefits of the product in question, and also offer an honest assessment of what you liked and didn't like about each option. Also share anecdotes or personal experiences to make the comparison relatable and informative. Conclude with a clear recommendation for the product you're promoting, backed by specific reasons why it stands out in its category.

Real-Life Recommendations

These affiliate marketing tips certainly wouldn't be complete if we overlooked real world opportunities!

Stay attentive to conversations and questions related to the product's niche or the problems it solves. Be ready to share your positive experiences with the product and also offer to provide more information. Mention your affiliate program and let people know that you can send them a direct link to explore the solution further. This proactive approach can be especially effective when you encounter relevant discussions while you're out and about or taking a break. It's an opportunity to pitch the product and also help others discover its benefits through your affiliate link. Always maintain authenticity and transparency in your recommendations, building trust with your audience.

Affiliate marketing tips - TWIPLA website intelligence blog

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Our advanced website intelligence solution will enable anyone to grow their website quickly - all while also staying data privacy compliant!

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That's Your Affiliate Marketing Tips!

Final Thoughts on How to Promote Affiliate Links

No matter the channels you pick, please keep in mind that you should always try to offer your affiliate link as a helping-hand!

When you promote affiliate links you have to solve some problems, to showcase why you like the product, how is it going to help and also what is the benefit of using it.

Hence, before dropping any affiliate link all over media, make sure that you fully understand the product and also your target audience!  By following these rules, you will certainly see some nice results and your affiliate links will start generating revenue in no time!

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