Branded Keyword


Branded keywords are words or phrases, including brand names, and are used by people in search engines to find pages and information in niches.

What are branded keywords?

Keywords, in SEO, represent the words (or phrases) used by people to look for information across search engines (e.g., smartphone reviews). Branded keywords are search words or phrases that include a brand name (e.g., iPhone reviews).

Why should you use branded keywords in your content and ads?

People tend to search for everything on the web, and branded keywords are used by searchers to find niche information about a specific brand that they've heard of already. A strong strategy regarding the right keywords to use and how to create new content to target those specific keywords will help any website owner.

  • Build a new page or a website with the sole aim of targeting this keyword or a group of keywords (e.g., [brand name] alternatives or [brand name] vs. [competitor name])
  • If a keyword is highly searched for and it can be easily tied to a website, you can simply add the information on a more visible area of the site, so visitors can easily find it. (e.g., [brand name] pricing or [brand name] log-in)
  • Launch a new feature or service that would fulfill a need of your searchers (e.g., if people look for your brand name + service or feature, it means they need it, and you can build on it!)
  • Place ads that only show up for people who actually search for specific products or services
  • Bidding on branded keywords will help the advertiser monopolize the search engine results and make sure that competitors do not bid on your branded keywords.