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Website Intelligence News Roundup June 2024

Monthly Musings from the World of Analytics

Simon Coulthard June 26, 2024

6 Minute Read

Welcome to the latest edition of the website intelligence news roundup!

Summer's officially here and our team has been busy! We've released a whole host of technical updates and bug fixes and TWIPLA runs better than ever, but you'll find a summary of the more tangible changes to our analytics platform in this article.

There's also some fresh industry awards, past webinars and interviews that you can rewatch or read at your leisure, and some marketing advice columns to digest.

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Platform Updates

Unfortunately, we haven't got many new features for you to play with this month.

For the development team, June's really been about focusing on the underlying infrastructure and deploying some crucial technical updates and bug fixes that will ensure that TWIPLA runs smoother and more reliably than ever before.

However, there are a few things you'll be interested in, and we've outlined those below.

At TWIPLA, we're obviously pretty big on optimizing data collection within privacy restrictions. Before, this meant that visitors needed to opt in to a cookie banner when TWIPLA was running in one of our three lower-threshold data privacy modes.

But thanks to our dual tracking code options, you now have the opportunity to also collect a legitimate data fundament on opt-outs in line with Maximum Privacy Mode logic.

And to help you understand which tracking code option is right for you, we've been busy updating the tracking code section of the platform. Jump in, and you'll now find updated tooltips that will hopefully make everything a little clearer for you.

Visit the Tracking Code Installation Support Center

Our Traffic Structure module just got even more powerful!

From now on, you can force any website visitor session to be catagorized under a specific traffic channel or category by adding custom GET parameters to your landing page URL.

GET parameters are key-value pairs added to the URL that help track and categorize traffic sources, and it's very easy to set up.

Simply add the parameters to the end of your URL, with the possibilities being email, paid, search, social, and unknown.

Here are some examples of GET parameters you might use:

  • ?_channel=email&_category=gmail
  • ?_channel=social&_category=facebook
  • ?_channel=paid&_category=google
  • ?_channel=search&_category=google

Just remember to always include both the channel and category inputs.

So define your own parameters, add them to your landing page URLs, and our platform will handle the rest. Try it out! It'll ensure better session categorization and enable TWIPLA to return better traffic insights!

Visit the Traffic Structure Support Center

New Platform Awards

TWIPLA has won over 65 analytics industry awards since 2019 for everything from functionality and useability to pricing and customer support. It's obviously something that we're rather proud of, and we've added another two to the trophy cabinet this month.


TWIPLA has won yet another web analytics award from SoftwareSuggest for the quality of the customer support we provide to our enterprise clients. It means that we've now won 11 industry awards from this popular software review portal since 2019.

Read SoftwareSuggest's Review of TWIPLA


We're now also recognized as one of the best digital marketing analytics software options for 2024 by Tekpon. They're a popular B2B SaaS portal that connects people with the right software, and provide unbiased reviews from real users.

Read Tekpon's Review of TWIPLA

Website analytics obviously plays a crucial role for marketers, enabling them to evaluate online performance, refine digital strategies, and reach concrete business objectives.

Although Google Analytics has long been the market leader, its supremacy is being challenged due to tool limitations, complexity, and a whole host of legal issues.

In an upcoming - and belated - Webinar, Cookieless Tech founder Alberto di Risio, an authority on the subject, will join TWIPLA's Dragos Gal to discuss innovative technologies that are prompting Google Analytics users to explore other options. They'll compare this platform with advanced website intelligence alternatives, and talk through some unexpected data points that marketers should focus on in 2024.

This free Webinar is taking place Wednesday, July 17th @ 16:00 CET. So you don't miss out, feel free to head over to the LinkedIn event page and register today!

Register for the Event on LinkedIn

About Our Guest: Cookieless Tech is an information portal for marketers looking for guidance migrating to cookieless martech. They provide a wealth of expert software advice and guides that serve to make this necessary process as simple as possible.

Tekpon is a fantastic marketing software review portal that's run by a group of people who are really passionate about what they do. They also have their Tekpon Saas Podcast, and it's a great resource for anyone looking to really dig into cutting-edge marketing trends.

For a recent episode, they invited our own Dragos Gal into the studio to discuss all things TWIPLA. In the 30-minute podcast, he shares insights into our website intelligence platform and they discuss its unique features and operational philosophy, as well as the direction that digital marketing and data privacy are heading in 2024.

Watch the Podcast on Tekpon's Website

Succeeding in eCommerce within the boundaries set by data privacy laws requires building an effective, cookieless martech stack that includes both store analytics and customer experience personalization.

It sounds like there's a lot to get your head around, but it's more about making the right software decisions and knowing how to use them. To help, TWIPLA and ODOSCOPE teamed up for a one-off Webinar to provide advice on how online sellers can enhance their eCommerce strategies by leveraging data anonymity tools, cookieless AI analytics, and other advanced privacy-first technologies that are shaking up current business practices.

In this engaging hour-long conversation, ODOSCOPE's Matthias Bettag and TWIPLA's Dragos Gal delved into these subjects. They discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by these innovations and shared some insightful case studies. The session concluded with a Q&A segment, giving participants the chance to have their voices heard.

Click on the link below to visit the event page on LinkedIn. And to rewatch the Webinar, remember that you'll need to first register for the event if you haven't already.

Rewatch the Webinar on LinkedIn

About Our GuestODOSCOPE helps e-retailers increase sales through AI-powered merchandizing and personalization. Based in Germany, their customer engagement platform is ideal for data-driven analysis and real-time decision making.

Jeff Greenfield is the CEO of Provalytics and an expert in the field of cookieless analytics. He also makes for quite the charismatic guest.

Our Community Specialist Jorge Cuevas sat down with him and picked his brain about the impact of privacy regulations on conventional cookie-based tracking. They also looked at some real-world examples of successful cookieless ad campaigns and discussed the future of digital advertising without cookies.

Watch the Virtual Interview on LinkedIn

About Our Guest: Provalytics is attribution & planning for a cookieless world. Based in the US, the company's platform unifies all media into one depublicated, privacy-compliant report, with media synergies, carryover, advertising adstock, and more.

Devrims Techtalk: Dragos Discusses Going Cookieless

Our resident expert Dragos has had a busy June by anyone's estimate, but he still found time to sit down for an interview with managed cloud hosting providers Devrims. They discuss his background, the evolving SaaS marketplace, and strategies that we're finding particularly effective in the current climate.

Visit Devrims.comcircle-arrow-right.svg

If you've read this far into the news roundup, you'll have already learned about the update to the Tracking Code module of the TWIPLA platform. But our dual tracking code system is something we're proud of, and we think that any business will find it particularly useful.

Simply put, it enables businesses to collect legitimately data on ALL visitors - regardless of the privacy settings that our users activate or the consent preferences of their visitors.

When the alternative Non-Consent Tracking Code is installed, it enables businesses that run TWIPLA in a lower-threshold data privacy mode to collect data in line with the active privacy mode for visitors that accept tracking, AND a core data fundament in line with Maximum Privacy Mode principles from those that don't.

It's really a groundbreaking concept in the emerging privacy-first website intelligence sector, and we've written a new article explaining how it works.

Read the Article: Our Dual Tracking Code System Explained

Can you believe that cybercrime costs the global economy $9.22 trillion annually? That's a startling figure but it's still growing, and experts believe that it will be sitting at nearly $14 trillion before 2028.

And unfortunately, no one is safe. 43% of these target small businesses, and more than half of these companies close down as a result of the attack.

This makes it a pressing issue to prepare for, and one effective way is to consider data storage security. This blog is a great introduction to the subject. In it, you'll learn more about the importance of secure data storage. It also runs through the strengths of different infastructure types, as well as the features that you should look for in the options available.

Read the Blog: Secure Data Storage Explained

Andrew Gerhardt at marketing consultancy firm Loop Horizon has discovered that Apple Safari now blocks the tracking pixels needed by Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target when in Private Browsing mode.

This is no small thing. Private Browsing is the default mode for Safari mobile users who on their own make up 15% of all website traffic in 2024. This news article runs through how Adobe's suite of software has been affected, and what this means for businesses that rely on these tools.

Read the News Article: Adobe's Tracking Pixels Blocked by Safari

Adopt Privacy-Perfect Analytics

Our advanced website intelligence solution will enable anyone to grow their website quickly, while protecting visitor data rights and driving up their ESG rating. Sign up for free today, remove your ugly cookie banner, and supercharge data collection!

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That's All Our News from June 2024

And that's it! That's all the things that have happened at TWIPLA since May. It's been a quieter month than many this year, but we've got a lot of exciting things lined up over the next quarter that we can't wait to tell you about.

If you want to keep up with all things website intelligence, then the easiest way is to subscribe to our newsletter. That way, you'll receive a single email on the last Thursday of each month with a summary of TWIPLA updates that you might have missed, as well as information on any events we're running and marketing advice from our expert team.

Until next month, happy analytics!

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