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Monthly Musings — Website Intelligence News Roundup May 2023

Simon Coulthard May 25, 2023

Hey all, welcome to my Monthly Musings for May. 

How is it that this is one of the longer months, but seems to have gone by in a flash? 😅

It’s been a right Royal month, with many important happenings (in and out of the world of Website Intelligence) - including the coronation of a new monarch in the UK! 

For May, I am focusing mainly on privacy. This topic is likely to come up frequently, as we are more than a little obsessed with it here at TWIPLA - (as I am sure you would hope)! 😀

As always, there is so much to cover. We have some big news, some cracking updates, and more of your monthly faves. So pop on over to your throne, grab a nice cuppa, and assemble your corgis. This story time is fit for a King!👑


🎥 Something we Watched

Recently, on the Website Intelligence Podcast, we had the great honor of hosting Miruna Dragomir - Chief Marketing Officer at Planable. In this episode, we meet Miruna and discover her journey through marketing and analytics, and how she moved into growth marketing. 

Miruna kindly shares her secrets on strategy; including sales, marketing, and how to build teams and keep yourself and others motivated.

This really is a great conversation with many useful insights for you to take away. Also, check out Planable. I have to say, I am loving this and am so happy that it exists! Planable is a powerful collaboration tool which helps to foster clarity, transparency, and productivity within your team. I like this so much that I have even started to use it outside of work to stay on top of my (forever growing) pile of projects.😍


✏️ Something we Wrote

We know that you care as much about data privacy laws as we do. With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive guide to GDPR and Data Privacy. 

Whether you want to plug some small gaps in your knowledge, would like to learn more, or simply want to confirm your understanding of GDPR and other privacy laws, this guide has something for you! 

Have a read to get and stay up to date with all you need to know in our GDPR and Data Privacy Resource Hub.


📅 Events to Keep an Eye On

Data + AI Summit ‘23 - Databricks - explore all things data, analytics and AI. San Francisco - June 26th - 29th

If you are going to be nearby, (lucky you!) why not attend in person. The rest of us can join in virtually on June 28th-29th! 

Infosecurity Europe - London UK June 20-22, 2023. Learn how to enhance all elements of your cybersecurity.

Annual Privacy Forum - Lyon, France - June 1st-2nd - How to ensure privacy remains first and foremost in this ever-changing digital landscape.


🧱 Something We’ve Built

Snippet for the Win!

Drumroll please!! 🥁

Performance is paramount with any technology. But with us marketers beavering away like a squirrel on a caffeine high at an acorn convention, it’s even more crucial when it comes to martech. 

Nobody wants to be waiting more than a split second for a web page to load. And, if they’re forced to wait for more than 4 seconds, the average user is offski (the average marketer is probably already starting a new role)! 

So, good news for you! Our combat team of development dynamos have been hard at it in the code kitchen and have managed to massively reduce the size of the TWIPLA’ snippet - all the way down to sub-25kb levels (we assure you, that’s low). 

This means that the impact our platform has on your page speed is even less than it was previously - and far better than many of the other solutions in our sector (*cough* GA *cough*). In fact, it's now completely negligible, meaning that you can leave at least one more of your worries at the door. 

This update is all part of our commitment to continually balance performance, privacy, usability, and value in how we deliver Website Intelligence to our wonderful community.


Revolutionary Steps in the Analytics-as-a-Service Space

This month, we also took a giant stride forward in the progression of our Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) product

In response to the considerable demand from Website Builders, Privacy-first Martech, and Ecommerce platforms especially, we are thrilled to announce the seamless integration of our Website Intelligence platform into the user interface of partnering companies that offer complementary features and use cases. This integrated version enables a harmonious experience for users, empowering them with comprehensive insights and functionalities within a single, cohesive platform. 

During the past weeks, our first key partner in this area - a leading European ecommerce platform -  has fully integrated all of our features white-labeled into their offering.

"In the current era shaped by the aftermath of the pandemic, where tech businesses are navigating growth plateaus or even experiencing revenue shrinkage, the consolidation of players emerges as a crucial factor,” explains Dragos Gal, our Head of AaaS & Strategic Partnerships. 

“Within this landscape, our focus on integrating Analytics-as-a-Service into the strategic vertical of ecommerce fills us with great confidence. We believe that by doing so, we can make a meaningful and positive impact on the growth trajectory of businesses in this field, while providing more people with the huge benefit of Website Intelligence."



📰 The News Stories that Had us all Talking

Court of Justice Confirms No "Threshold" for GDPR Damages => Read More

Telekom Prohibited from Sending Data to Google Servers in the USA => Read More

Facebook owner Meta hit with record €1.2bn fine over EU-US data transfers => Read More from The Financial Times


Am I writing what you want to read? Could you do with more of ‘this’ and less of ‘that’? Please feel free to leave me some feedback and/or suggestions by clicking one of the options below. 

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That's all for now. Stay smart and stay ahead of the curve with Website Intelligence. 

Best wishes,

Debs @TWIPLA - Your Customer Marketing Muse


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