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  • Monthly Musings — Website Intelligence News Roundup April 2023

Monthly Musings — Website Intelligence News Roundup April 2023

Simon Coulthard April 26, 2023

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Welcome to April! I hope you have all had some relaxing time during the Spring holidays. Preferably with family, friends, and lots of food and chocolate! 

This month, I want to focus on a topic which is very dear to our hearts here at TWIPLA - and undoubtedly most of yours too - Cookieless Tracking. We have written extensively about this subject and have much to share with you all. 

As always, I have some cool events and a few cheeky bits of news thrown in for good measure - including a very snazzy new feature release from our product team! So, pull up your comfiest chair and let’s get cracking! And, although the tracking may be cookieless - you don’t have to be. Bring the jar! 


💡 This Made us Feel Smart

Did you know that the cookie as we know it was first introduced in 1994? The HTTP cookie - or ‘magic’ cookie - was invented by Louis Montulli II in June of that year. 

Here we have our Introduction to Web Cookies, which gives you much more on this, and other fascinating insights which you may not have known. 

These days, it is such a part of our lives that we take the word ‘cookie’ for granted - but what you might not have known is that the term comes from a fortune cookie - which is, of course, a cookie with an embedded message 😀


🎥 Something we Watched

As so many of you enjoyed the episode of The Website Intelligence Podcast#TWIP I included last month, I am going to treat you to another. 🙌

I wanted to share this one with you especially - Daniel Tamas: Why Blockchain is Here to Stay

Not only is the subject deeply fascinating, but the candid stories Daniel shares about his own life and his own introduction to computers are equally captivating - especially ‘that’ moment as a child when he realized that his future would lie in computing (even if he was not yet sure of the context). A truly absorbing conversation. I hope you enjoy it. 

Check out the full discussion. If you enjoyed this and would like to see more, head on over to the home of our YouTube channel, where you can find the full series to date, and can subscribe to be notified of upcoming episodes.


✍️ Something we Learned

With the continued rise of AI, and in particular, systems such as ChatGPT, we are starting to see some concern about data privacy (more on that in the news section). Another question some may not have thought of is: Who actually owns the AI generated content? 

Could it be the human (who, of course, has to ask the question)? The AI itself - which has to generate the response? Or is it the company who owns the AI?

I found this great article in The Conversation which goes into the immediate question of ownership, the current copyright laws, and also what could happen in the future. 

So many things are moving so fast - so now is the time to familiarize ourselves with the possibility of laws and processes changing. Don’t get left behind and find yourself in a pickle!


✏️ Something we Wrote

Now cookies are seriously on the way out, are you prepared for the future? Do you know how cookieless tracking works and what you need to do next? 

We have done all the legwork for you and put together the ultimate guide to Cookieless Tracking. I hope you enjoy this, and please feel free to pass it on to any friends or colleagues you think may benefit from it. After all, caring is sharing😉

📅 Events to Keep an Eye On

The one you’ve all been waiting for: Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 
“Hone your leadership skills, refine your strategies and discover the latest innovative technologies at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2023 in London, UK.”
Over this two-day conference, enjoy a jam-packed agenda covering areas such as Data Management, Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. There are keynotes from highly respected industry guests and Gartner experts. 

Learning Technologies:
“Europe’s leading workplace learning event”.
With conference themes such as tools and technologies, AI data and analytics, content design and program implementation - plus so many more - there really is something for everyone! Taking place on May 3rd & 4th 2023 at ExCel London, this Learning and development event also has over 90 industry leading speakers. Not to be missed! 


🧱 Something We’ve Built

As always, our product team has been conjuring up 🧚 magical new features to bring as much value as possible to you - our wonderful community of website wizzes 🎓.

On this occasion, our brand new Company Reveal✨ feature is especially appealing to any of you B2B boffins out there. 

By providing Network Provider details for each visitor, you will now be able to put a name to many of the businesses visiting your website. 

This means that you can leverage intent signals for your ABM campaigns, further enrich your ICP, and more efficiently turn your website visitors into pipeline. 

Please note that the Company Reveal feature is available at all privacy levels - as no personal data is involved. But only on Pro accounts and beyond. 


📰 The News Stories that Had us all Talking

There have been some crazy news stories doing the rounds this month. Here are a few of my top picks. If, perhaps you haven’t yet seen these (were you under a rock??) - enjoy!

  • Pope in a Puffer Jacket? New Scientist explains all  — Read More 
  • UK watchdog warns chatbot developers over data protection laws — Read More 
  • Bing’s new search function is really GPT-4 — Read More
  • ChatGPT banned in Italy over privacy issues — Read More


Am I writing what you want to read? Could you do with more of ‘this’ and less of ‘that’? Please feel free to leave me some feedback and/or suggestions by clicking one of the options below. 


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That's all for now. Stay smart and stay ahead of the curve with Website Intelligence. 

Best wishes,

Debs @TWIPLA - Your Customer Marketing Muse


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