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Website Intelligence News Roundup January 2023

Simon Coulthard January 18, 2023

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Welcome to Your First Website Intelligence News Roundup of 2023.

New Year, New Beginnings! 

As we are entering a brand new year, this month’s theme will focus on Starting an Online Business.

You may be about to embark on starting a new online business, or you may already be established and thinking about refreshing your website content a little. Whichever the case, you are sure to find something helpful here today. 

We have a lot of news, great articles, and some exciting updates to share. Although we have just come out of the holiday season, the world kept turning and the news kept happening.

I have put together some specially selected highlights for you from the last couple of months, so grab a coffee, a chai latte - or whatever your personal fave is - and put your feet up. It’s news time.

Editor’s Choice

Discover: The Website Intelligence Podcast

During the past couple of months, our very own Chief Marketing Officer Matt Sarson, and Head of Partnerships, Dragos Gal have developed and been hosting the fantastic Website Intelligence Podcast. 

Not only are the episodes full of valuable insights and a wealth of information, but are also fun,  friendly and informal. 

The Website Intelligence Podcast aims to cover a multitude of topics and includes lots of hints, tips, and industry tricks. 

We have six episodes ready for you to enjoy - and have even included some shorts from within the episodes to highlight areas that you might find particularly interesting. 

These include How to Sell SaaS to Technophobes with Saas Consultant Pedro Cortés, and 3 Key Things Any New Entrepreneur Should Consider with Andrew Chen - Co-Founder of Explo to name only two!

Check out The Website Intelligence Podcast YouTube channel to see the first six full episodes. Once there, simply subscribe to be notified of upcoming episodes as they air!

Industry News Headlines

Data Rules, Online Protection, and Security  - We Have all the Latest News From Around the Globe

EU Court Rule: Google Must Remove False Search Results About Individuals - Read More

EU Regulators Rule Against Meta's Use of Personalized Ads - Read More

Google Updates Cookie Consent Banner in Europe to Avoid Future GDPR Fines - Read More 

Another Reason to Install an Ad Blocker: Protect Yourself from Malicious Ads, Says the FBI - Read More


Valuable Insights and Resources From our Lovely Writers

As previously mentioned, with it being a new year, many people will be thinking of their new goals. I would like to shine a spotlight on How to Start an Online Business as this is something which is gaining ever-increasing momentum. 

We have written a resource hub which includes everything you need to know when starting out - from establishing your business model through legalities, to marketing strategies and beyond.

As we discovered when researching and writing this, there could be many ‘make or break’ moments when starting an online business. I was personally astounded when I learned that 90% of new eCommerce businesses fail within the first four months!

Not to worry - we have put together this comprehensive guide to give you all the knowledge you need to help you succeed in starting your own online business.


Goodbye to January!

So, as you see, there has been a lot happening in the world, and the office! 

I hope you have enjoyed this news roundup. I look forward to updating you in February. 

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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