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20 BIPOC-Owned Creative & Marketing Agencies to Follow

Simon Coulthard February 08, 2022

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For many years, the worlds of marketing, advertising, and digital marketing were designed by and for one particular audience: the "standard" middle/upper-middle class, white nuclear family. There is still much work to be done to uplift BIPOC voices, so follow these BIPOC-owned creative and marketing agencies to support those that are sharing multicultural and minority stories. 

It's not that other communities did not exist or buy products, it's just that their voices, opinions, and cultures were suppressed.

While still not completely equitable, beliefs are changing and many BIPOC people are now being heard and represented in media and business.


20 BIPOC Creative & Marketing Agencies to Follow


Culture ONE World

Culture ONE World is a cross-cultural advertising and media arts agency that is linguistically and culturally relevant. They specialize in government and cause marketing, by creating change through telling culturally diverse stories.

Society 18

Society 18 is an influencer management and marketing agency with a focus on multiethnic and multicultural influencers and talent. Their mission is to increase the diversity and inclusivity of the social landscape through impactful and meaningful cultural stories.


Estate Five

Estate Five is a talent management agency that connects talent with top brands around the world. They create campaigns that form meaningful connections with relevant audiences and drive engagement and conversions.

Candace Marie

Candace Marie is a boutique social media agency that specializes in uplifting minority voices in the luxury, celebrity and lifestyle spaces. The agency focuses on advocacy, curation and uplifting minority creatives.

Kensington Grey Agency

Kensington Grey is an Influencer management agency with a network of over 150 diverse creators. They provide a full range of services including strategy, execution, and reporting. 

2BG Consulting

2BG Consulting specializes in helping fashion and beauty brands create anti-racist identities, manage crises, and become more diverse and inclusive through content, communication, and talent services. They also teach a seminar on to be anti-racist in the fashion/beauty industries.


Black Girl Digital

Black Girl Digital is a digital marketing and influencer agency that specializes in the black female audience. The goal is to inspire brands to build deeper relationships with women of color, empower female influencers of color, and address wage disparities for BIPOC women.


Tico Productions

Tico Productions is a multimedia production company that provides video productions, graphic design, sports broadcasting, event management, and live studio productions. They communicate in both English and Spanish and understand different Latin American cultures.

Online Drea

Online Drea is a social media marketing strategist that helps businesses and podcasters build profitable communities through social media strategy and the creation of engaging content.


EraBright is a digital marketing agency specializing in affordable, revenue-driving SEM solutions. Their mission is to become the leading provider of search engine marketing solutions for local businesses by helping their clients exceed their growth and revenue goals.

Pearl Lemon Group

Pearl Lemon Group is an SEO agency that helps clients all over the world rank on page one on Google. Their services include everything from technical SEO knowledge to link-building abilities and creating an entire SEO strategy.

Goldiata Creative

Goldiata Creative is a branding and marketing agency that helps small businesses communicate their value through their own unique story. They work in both digital and traditional media, finding the right place to deliver the right message to each of their client’s customers.

1o8 Agency

1o8 offers digital media solutions and marketing intelligence using growth hacking principles to increase engagement and traffic. They are experts in paid social media advertising, copywriting, graphics creation, website building and data mining.

Propelo Media

Propelo Media is a data-driven, omnichannel direct marketing company. They are a full-service provider, with services including design, execution, and integration for print, email, social media, and mobile display.

Complex Creative

Complex Creative is a creative agency that specializes in website design, branding, and digital marketing services for both small businesses and large enterprises. Using their “No Bullsh*t” approach, they create impactful content, produce conversion-driving websites, and market the sh*t out of brands.

Freestyle Creative

Freestyle Creative is a full-service advertising agency with roots in the film industry. They provide comprehensive marketing and creative strategies and services for digital marketing, branding, web development, and film production.

Citizen Group

Citizen Group is a pro-social marketing, design and brand management agency. They help clients create values-based brand strategies and creative initiatives that build active and engaged communities.


NOIRE MGMT specializes in brand experiences and engagement through the development of communication and marketing strategies. Their goal is to champion authentic storytelling through inspirational content that connects with multicultural and highly-informed audiences.

KSW Social Media

KSW Social Media Management is a boutique social media management agency that specializes in social media strategy, content creation, audience engagement and community management for small businesses.


Hatian sisters, Shelcy and Christy, founded an independent agency that connects brands with content creators. Their work includes creating impactful digital campaigns that tell authentic stories with global appeal.


Crea7ive is a digital agency specializing in future-focused, disruptive brand experiences. Their multicultural team brings their love for technology, design, and experience to helping brands build connections and get results. Their services include branding, design, app development, AR/VR, ads, UI/UX, and more.

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