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Why Choose TWIPLA’s Analytics-as-a-Service?

Five Good Reasons for SaaS Platforms.

Simon Coulthard December 20, 2023

9 Minute Read

Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) enables SaaS companies to integrate our analytics capabilities seamlessly into their service offerings, either under their own branding or using a dual-branding approach.

This gives end-users more reasons to engage, upgrade, and remain committed to their platform. And with simplicity in setup, scalability, and cost-effectiveness, AaaS is a lucrative option for SaaS platforms looking to increase revenue.

This is particularly important in the current economic landscape. Reality has bitten, with years of prosperity now a distant memory. Tech companies are today facing a range of challenges that stem from economic stagnation, inflation, and high interest rates, as well as the consequences of over-staffing - particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This blog will start by introducing Analytics-as-a-Service. It will then explain why TWIPLA is an excellent AaaS choice for SaaS platforms for reasons ranging from our comprehensive range of privacy-first features to the effortless additional income stream that we provide.

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What is AaaS?

An Introduction for SaaS Platforms.

Website intelligence is an essential tool for online businesses.

The platforms take the guesswork out of digital strategizing, enabling users to learn everything about their visitors and onsite engagement. Simply put, these complete website analytics solutions give businesses the actionable data they need to effectively monetize their online presence and achieve digital goals.

Analytics-as-a-Service enables SaaS companies to integrate a wide spectrum of advanced website analytics and intelligence tools into their own platform. It allows them to enhance service delivery, increase user engagement, and reduce churn.

It can also dramatically increase user loyalty and satisfaction while letting them tap into new markets and audience types, but without the need to invest in or maintain the underlying infrastructure or software.

Some other key benefits of AaaS include:

  • Enrich service delivery: SaaS platforms can offer clients more features that compliment their own service provision and help users to better achieve their goals.
  • Customizable: SaaS platforms can tailor feature choices and pricing options to their business, while end-users can also customize the features to their own preferences.
  • Seamless integration: AaaS features can be directly integrated via API or iFrame into SaaS platforms under their own branding, enabling them to sustain a consistent UX.
  • Additional income stream: SaaS companies receive income from the analytics add-ons, with customizable pricing options to suit their business needs.
  • Fully managed by AaaS provider: The analytics platform will handle all onboarding and maintenance, and provide white-labeled customer support - enabling SaaS platforms to receive an almost effortless income stream.
  • Highly scalable: SaaS companies can easily scale up and down based on end-user feature usage, without having to invest in new hardware or software.
  • Cost-effective: AaaS eliminates the need for any upfront investment in hardware or software licenses, making it a viable avenue for businesses of all sizes.

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Why Choose TWIPLA’s AaaS.

Five Benefits of Our Website Intelligence.

TWIPLA is a long-established website intelligence provider that has won over 60 analytics industry awards for usability, affordability, and innovation. We’re the top-ranked analytics platform on Wix, with over 2.5 million active users around the world and no shortage of five star reviews from happy users.

This speaks to the appeal of our tools and their capacity to increase the attraction of other SaaS platforms.

Website building platforms can provide users with the guidance they need to create sites that their own visitors will love. Ecommerce stores can ensure their users have the tools to turn more visits into sales. Indeed, any SaaS platform whose ICPs include marketers will find that TWIPLA’s Analytics-as-a-Service will give their platform users more reasons to log in.

Here are just a few of them:

#1 Offer All-in-One Analytics.

AaaS Give Users More Reasons to Log In.

TWIPLA sits at the forefront of the Analytics-as-a-Service industry, offering a complete package of advanced website statistics, behavior analytics, and visitor communication features that distinguishes us from competitors:

Complete Website Statistics

SaaS platforms that choose TWIPLA's AaaS can provide their end users with comprehensive website statistics. This enables them to learn their visitors’ characteristics, browsing habits, and device preferences. They can also analyze digital channel performance, UTM campaigns, and business intent, and see how their metrics compare with other business sectors or operational regions.

Behavior Analytics

Website statistics are the bread and butter of analytics and most platforms - GA4 included - haven’t advanced much beyond them. However, TWIPLA complements these with behavior analytics tools like session recordings, heatmaps, conversion funnels, and event tracking.

These features will enable SaaS platform users to go far deeper into visitor behavior than they can using website statistics alone. They can watch videos of real website journeys, see visualizations of in-page engagement, assess paths to purchase, and analyze any user interaction imaginable.

And by enabling end-users to analyze their website or store on a granular level, SaaS platforms give them a range of attractive advantages. These visualization tools simplify complex data and give them the guidance they need to optimize UX, improve page layouts in a way their visitors will love, and ultimately drive success.

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Visitor Communication

TWIPLA's Analytics-as-a-Service also offers the visitor communication tools that are noticeable by their absence from the vast majority of alternative providers. These enable end-users to directly involve their visitors in website development, and to confirm insights pulled from analytics tools - increasing the effectiveness of any optimization activities while saving time and money.

We offer both on-page polls and dedicated URL surveys. This provides real flexibility when it comes to visitor feedback acquisition, and their integration into our website intelligence engine makes it easy for them to analyze results without having to leave the SaaS platform.

Customizable Feature Selection

TWIPLA’s Analytics-as-a-Service features will undoubtedly increase the appeal of SaaS platforms that integrate them, and we’ve made it easy for SaaS platforms to dictate which features they offer clients. Integration partners can choose to make all our features available, or alternatively tailor what they offer to their own business requirements.

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#2 Effortlessly Enhance Appeal.

AaaS Enhances Service Provision With Nominal Labor.

TWIPLA manages every aspect of the AaaS service, enabling SaaS platforms to leverage our features while being able to focus more on their core business.

We work closely with SaaS platforms during integration, and provide their end-users with help every step of the way. This includes live chat from our human team, as well as a comprehensive white-label support center and feature guides that will ensure they get the most out of our features.

We also handle all maintenance and upkeep, and regularly roll out updates that keep our features at the forefront of what’s possible. This means that SaaS platforms can leverage the latest analytics tools without any need for investment in infrastructure or manpower - enabling them to receive an effortless additional income stream with no costs or base fee.

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#3 Increase Revenue and Upselling Capacity.

Flexible Pricing Packages with No Base Fee or Costs.

Our Analytics-as-a-Service pricing plans are also highly flexible, with two options available for SaaS platforms.

Integration partners can choose to enter our popular pay-per-usage agreement. This is built around a credit-based system that enables them to easily monitor end-user consumption, and to define pricing points based on their end-user preferences and usage patterns.

Alternatively, they can choose a revenue sharing agreement. This enables SaaS platforms to earn up to 40% of all income from end-user analytics income, but they have the flexibility to dictate pricing levels to their user base.

But regardless of the pricing option they choose, SaaS platforms have no costs. Nor is there the base fee common with competitors in the AaaS market. This can amount to several thousand dollars per month. Without it, our SaaS clients receive a true NET income, and interested SaaS platforms can use our revenue calculator to estimate how much this will be.

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Rich Upsale Potential

TWIPLA’s Analytics-as-a-Service provides SaaS platforms with a simple way to motivate end-users to upgrade. Our features can be easily integrated into pricing plans, and SaaS companies have complete flexibility over how they package features together, and the different pricing points they’re offered at.

Our AaaS dashboard makes it easy to track end-user analytics usage patterns to identify opportunities for upsale. And by monitoring how they interact with analytics features, SaaS platforms can quickly pinpoint specific pain points that can be addressed by analytics features as premium features or upgrades, making upsell more relevant and compelling.

Then, it’s a case of using notifications strategically and diverting any fresh leads to your account managers or sales team who can then connect with these users and discuss upgrades in more detail.

They can also mesh our features into their tiered pricing models, offering different subscription levels with varying features and capabilities. This means that end-users can start with a basic plan, before seamlessly upgrading as their needs grow or they see the value in additional features.

Moreover, SaaS companies can use personalized recommendations and targeted messaging within their software interfaces to highlight the benefits of additional features. And by tailoring offers to user behavior and usage patterns, they can significantly increase the chances of upsale.

Lastly, offering exceptional customer support and clear documentation for premium features can instill confidence in users considering an upgrade. These are all provided as part of the TWIPLA AaaS service, enabling users to understand how our analytics features can solve their specific challenges and making the upsell process smoother and more appealing.

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Optional 30-Day Free Trial Included

Free trials for premium features are an effective way to motivate users to explore the upsell options and experience their value first hand, making it easier for them to make a purchasing decision.

With TWIPLA, SaaS platforms can provide all their users with a free 30-day free trial. This is fully covered by us, with no costs or obligations for integration partners or their end users. We’ve found that this approach increases conversion rates considerably, particularly among hesitant users, and it can be integrated into the pricing plans that SaaS companies adopt.

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SaaS companies can easily integrate TWIPLA into their platforms, either fully white-labeled or using a dual-branded approach. And in most cases, our features are deployable in just a few development days.

TWIPLA’s features will directly integrate into any SaaS platform. Choose the iFrame path, and TWIPLA will be fully embedded into the SaaS platform interface. This is simple to do, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, the API path allows for direct programmatic access to the features. This is a deeper integration option, and provides more customization potential.

But regardless of the integration path, TWIPLA’s features can be fully tailored to SaaS platform branding. This includes the company logo, web domain, URL, color palette, font choice, emails, and more.

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#5 Build Trust with Privacy-First Features.

Our AaaS Meets All Global Laws by Default.

TWIPLA is a market leader in the emerging privacy-first website intelligence sector, making our AaaS particularly attractive to privacy-focused software providers.

We're privacy advocates and our AaaS service is privacy-by-design. We handle the hosting and store data in Germany to ensure the highest possible levels of data privacy and protection, and manage all the infrastrucure on behalf of integration partners. We also use an advanced cookieless tracking system that - by default - complies with all global data privacy laws.

This privacy-first technology is also an effective way to build trust with end users at a time when people are increasingly aware of the dangers posed by the internet to their personal data. It will enable them to assess digital performance, while still respecting the rights of their own customers and prospects to online anonymity and data security.

But the advantages go further. Our platform removes the need for end-users to worry about complicated and time-consuming privacy compliance responsibilities, and they can also use TWIPLA without needing to activate a cookie consent banner - improving  the UX of their own websites or online stores dramatically.

Supercharged Data Capture

Cookie banners act to restrict data analysis, making visitors who reject them invisible to website owners. And while research results vary, the vast majority of internet users will reject consent for analytics data capture when given the choice they’re legally entitled to.

And since users can legitimately leverage TWIPLA without needing user consent, they will collect up to five times more visitor data than from alternative Analytics-as-a-Service platforms. Simply put, our analytics enable them to capture almost 100% of their visitor data - with obvious advantages for insight accuracy.

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Flexible Privacy Center

TWIPLA is built around a highly dynamic privacy center with four data privacy modes. This enables end-users to easily calibrate data collection to their business needs, and to the privacy laws that protect their internet users.

Of course, toggling to a lower privacy level can create compliance responsibilities. But we’re privacy advocates and can provide comprehensive legal guidance to ensure that end-users keep their analytics within the boundaries set by global laws.

And with Custom Country Data, they can further customize data capture for each country of visitor origin. This is all highly intuitive, and will further increase legitimate data capture when used effectively.

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Grow Revenue Effortlessly

Our AaaS service enables SaaS companies to increase revenue with no costs or base fee. Book a demo and learn more about how we can help your business.

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That’s TWIPLA’s AaaS Explained!

Analytics-as-a-Service is a lucrative option for SaaS platforms looking for additional revenue without the heavy lifting that comes from creating a whole new product or replicating an existing one.

And with all support, live chat, and free trials covered by TWIPLA, it’s a great option that brings only reward, with no costs, effort, or resources needed from our integration partners.

If you’re interested in learning more about TWIPLA for SaaS platforms, then feel free to book a free platform and integration demo. It could be just the boost your company needs during the current post-growth era we’re now working in.

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