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10 Top GDPR Compliant Survey Platforms

Simon Coulthard February 14, 2022

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There are a multitude of choices when it comes to survey creation platforms, but keep in mind that not all of them are GDPR compliant and you could end up compromising your data privacy policy.

In this article we explore top 10 GDPR Compliant Survey Platforms that are safe to use in the context of GDPR.

3 Key Steps to GDPR Compliance

With GDPR covering such a wide range of data, it can be a huge undertaking to ensure that the data you collect through your surveys is GDPR compliant.

There are 3 main steps you need to take:

  1. Ensure that the survey platform you are using is GDPR compliant in the first place
  2. Ask users for consent 
  3. Be transparent about the purpose of your research/feedback and who will access the collected data.

What Makes a Survey Tool GDPR Compliant?

The main criteria would be for the survey platform not to share the collected personal data with any other 3rd parties (e.g. advertisers). The data needs to belong exclusively to you, the user.

Under GDPR, there are usually two parties involved in data collection - the data processor and the data controller. 

The data controller establishes the intent and the method by which personal data is processed, while the data processor processes the data only on behalf of the controller. 

In this case, you are the data controller and the survey platform you select is the data processor. 

You both need to comply with the GDPR rights of an individual, which in this case is the survey respondent. Their rights are as follows: the right to data access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, and the right not to be subject to a legally consequential decision based solely on automated processing.

Also, ensure that you ask for and sign a data processing agreement (DPA) with the data processor. A DPA is a legally binding document between the two of you that will regulate any personal data processing conducted by your company for any business purposes. 

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10 GDPR Compliant Survey Platforms (in no particular order) 



Subscriptions starting at $10.39/month
Read our GDPR compliance statement.

TWIPLA is more than a survey tool. It is an all-in-one analytics app that enables you to track website traffic and user behavior (heatmaps, session recordings, conversion funnels, and custom events). 

On top of that, its feedback feature enables you to create comprehensive polls and surveys that can be directly displayed on any of your web pages - as a pop-up or separate page.

The TWIPLA survey feature provides you with a lot of flexibility when it comes to personalization, enabling you tos add your own logo and colors, as well as customize other distinctive settings.

2. Survey Monkey 

Subscriptions starting at $18/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Survey Monkey is an easy-to-use tool that provides ready-to-use survey templates depending on your area of research. 

You can choose between customer satisfaction, market research, online research, employee satisfaction, academic research, and many other types of methodologist-certified survey templates; customize the questions according to your preferences, and start collecting data in no time. 

Survey Monkey also integrates with over 100 apps and plug-ins, such as Salesforce or HubSpot.

3. Survicate

Subscriptions starting at $65/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

With Survicate, you can distribute surveys through emails and links, or directly through web and mobile apps. 

Survicate comes with a variety of templates you can choose from, some of which are free to use (e.g. Corona Crisis Survey) and is great for marketing, customer support, and product teams. 

Survicate can be useful for increasing your referrals, by identifying your most loyal customers, and for decreasing your churn rate, by identifying your dissatisfied customers and fixing their issues before they decide to leave.

4. Survey Legend

Subscriptions starting at $19/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Survey Legend is a drag and drop survey creation tool that enables you to create questionnaires with complex logic and branching. This means that the respondent can get redirected to a specific question or even skip a few questions depending on its previous answers. 

The surveys can include images and gifs and are personalizable down to every detail (fonts, colors, custom background, etc). 

This tool does have the option to collect the respondent’s IP addresses, but as long as you disable this feature it will be GDPR compliant. 

5. Survey Anyplace

Subscriptions starting at $39/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Survey Anyplace can be used to create surveys or quizzes, but what makes this tool stand out from the rest is its ReportR feature - a blend of an assessment creator and report generator. 

The respondent fills in the survey and, based on their results, will be provided with a downloadable tailored PDF report. 

It comes with several integrations, including Facebook, and it enables you to personalize your tests or quizzes down to every single detail.

6. Survey Sparrow

Subscriptions starting at $21/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Survey Sparrow is a great tool for creating interactive surveys. With this app, you can create video surveys to keep your respondents engaged and it's a great choice for NPS, HR, or any other type of assessment. 

With Survey Sparrow, you can collect answers even while the respondent is offline. 

This tool also has a chatbot feature that enables you to collect data from your visitors while they navigate your website. 

Survey Sparrow can be integrated with Intercom, Slack, and other apps.

7. Startquestion

Subscriptions starting at $49/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Startquestion is yet another great GDPR-compliant survey creation tool. It can be used for any type of research or feedback collection. 

You can add your own logo and colors to each survey you create, and you even set up notifications for yourself, for example, whenever a customer leaves a bad review.

Surveys and quizzes created with Startquestion can be sent via email or displayed as a pop-up on your website.

8. Survio

Subscriptions starting at $27.90/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Survio can be used for multiple areas of expertise: customer satisfaction, market research, event planning, healthcare satisfaction, educational, personal, or social surveys. 

Like many similar tools, it comes with templates you can personalize, but you also get the option of creating your own survey from scratch. 

Survio enabless you to pair your questions with images and video, and it is user-friendly. This app is available in several languages.

9. SoGoSurvey

Subscriptions starting at $25/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

You can use SoGoSurvey to create elaborate questionnaires or simple polls. You can even create a single survey in several different languages and all the results will be cumulated.

The SoGoSurvey support pages include short explanatory videos on how to set up your surveys, making it a great tool for beginners.

It also comes with the possibility to show your users the poll results once the survey has been completed.

10. Zonka

Subscriptions starting at $29/month
Read their GDPR compliance statement.

Zonka is ideal for customer satisfaction surveys and measuring net promoter scores, but it can also be used for all other verticals. 

The surveys created with Zonka can be distributed via email,  SMS, or directly on your site. 

The Zonka Survey App enables you to collect answers even from respondents who are offline. The responses get stored in the app and auto-sync once the device gets connected to the internet. 

​​​Why Wait?

As you can see, there are quite a few options out there for you to create a GDPR compliant survey. Some are more advanced than others, but all of the tools mentioned above are privacy compliant. Choose the right one for your area of research and don’t forget to link your website’s privacy policy in the survey’s description.

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