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How Agencies Leverage TWIPLA to Drive Growth and Versatility

Simon Coulthard January 14, 2024

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TWIPLA's white label analytics for agencies enables businesses to seamlessly integrate our website intelligence into their offerings without any cost, effort, or analytics knowledge. This will drive revenue growth and enhance capabilities at a time when economic realities are limiting profitability.

As a leading player in the privacy-first website intelligence sector, we've already initiated a large number of successful partnerships with different agencies and consultancies around the world.

These businesses are now seeing a sustained jump in their bottom line. Our partners are finding it easier to bring in new clients and are benefiting from an externally-managed new revenue stream. They're also able to provide clients with a far better service, and can accurately prove the ROI improvements of their work.

This blog will introduce the concept of white label analytics and explain the value of this to agencies during the post-growth period they're operating in. It will then run through the main benefits of choosing TWIPLA's privacy-first website intelligence features over alternatives before concluding by answering some of the questions we receive most often.

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What is White Label Analytics for Agencies/Consultancies?

Agencies and consultancies can partner with third-party companies to provide an analytics service to their clients, to monitor digital performance, and to guide optimization strategies and wider marketing initiatives.

Analytics is crucial if clients are to understand the effectiveness of their agency at driving results, and to equally get data themselves. This makes this technology a logical part of service delivery, particularly given that agencies don't have to invest in the infrastructure or hire a team of in-house data analysts.

White label analytics technologies have been built with agencies in mind. They can be easily rebranded to match the company's product, brand, and messaging, effectively allowing them to sell these tools to clients as their own - enhancing their reputations in the process.

Alternatively, agencies and consultancies can take a dual-branding approach to white label analytics. This enables them to leverage the reputation of their analytics partner to increase trust and motivate adoption among clients - an option that is particularly effective when partnering with analytics platforms that are well-known and respected in their industry.

Either way, the white label analytics is fully managed by the third-party provider, who normally handle all onboarding, maintenance, and client support. This means that agencies can remain focused on their core business, and achieve better results for their clients.

Value of White Label Analytics for Agencies

It used to be fairly easy for agencies and consultancies to generate revenue and growth, but times have changed. Ease of market entry has seen agency numbers mushroom over the last few years, and this industry saturation has caused profits to slump.

The global financial climate has also added to this paradigm shift. Inflation and interest rates have both increased significantly since 2020. The pandemic brought real economic uncertainty and reduced consumer spending, and many brands have responded by cutting back on their advertising budget - leading to a big decline in overall ad spending.

Given this, marketing agencies have had to find new ways to differentiate and drive revenue growth. And given the somewhat static nature of the sector, fully managed tech integrations have become a popular avenue for agencies looking to cut custs and increase income.

Thanks to white label analytics, they can now leverage the full power of these advanced technologies without having to hire new staff or invest in knowledge acquisition.

Simply put, white label analytics makes agencies better at what they do.

They can build different feature packages to suit their client base, and have the flexibility to decide whether these tools are an essential component of each client relationship or an optional addition. It's really a win-win, with the analytics partner doing all the heavy lifting and making the agency more versatile and more competitive.

Why Choose TWIPLA's White Label Analytics?

Here's Seven Good Reasons for Agencies and Consultancies.

#1 Earn a 30% Commission

Open Up an Effortless New Revenue Stream

Agencies can easily integrate TWIPLA's website intelligence features into service offerings and pass the full cost of this onto their clients. And given that our analytics provides them with the accurate understanding of their marketing ROI that is difficult for agencies to offer otherwise, this makes the cost a reasonable addition to client monthly fees.

It's an easy upsell, and we also help agencies to identify attractive cross-selling opportunities by revealing where additional services will drive better results for clients.

Our partners have found that our features boost customer loyalty considerably. This is because agencies can give their clients direct but controlled access to insights and data. And by enabling them to monitor online performance using tools under the agency's brand, it fosters a sense of involvement that strengthens client-agency relationships.

Crucially, agencies will also receive an effortless 30% share of revenue from each analytics package taken up by clients, with all costs and upkeep handled by us. And as the agency scales, this can grow into a lucrative and reliable new income stream over time.

Intuitive Client Management

At TWIPLA, we've made it easy to manage all clients in one place. Agencies can toggle between client accounts without leaving their account, and the client management module makes it easy to track package signups, payments, and subscriptions.

Agencies also have full control over client access to TWIPLA features. This means that they can decide whether to restrict clients to the role of passive watchers with only cross-platform viewing rights, or to alternatively allow them to manipulate the tools for themselves.

TWIPLA is one of a very small number of providers that offers a complete solution of website intelligence features. This is deliberate, with our founders frustrated by the sheer number of analytics tools required to get all the insights they needed to guide digital success.

Website Statistics

Our features include complete web statistics on everything from visitor device preferences and competition benchmarking to digital channel performance and UTM campaign analytics, and which already makes us an attractive alternative to Google Analytics.

This means clients can understand online performance from every angle imaginable, and agencies can leverage this data to guide optimization strategies and justify performance.

Behavior Analytics

But we go further by also offering behavior analytics features like heatmaps, session recordings, conversion funnels, and event tracking.

These advanced visualization tools enable agencies and clients to intuitively understand in-page visitor engagement, watch videos of real journeys, analyze funnel performance, and monitor any webpage engagement imaginable.

This provides agencies and clients with the tools to dig deep into visitor behavior, to simplify complex data, and to provide the guidance necessary to improve UX, remove bugs, and increase the number of clicks and conversions.

Visitor Communication

TWIPLA also offers visitor communication tools, with in-page polls and dedicated-URL surveys enabling agencies (and their clients) to involve website visitors in the digital optimization process.

These tools are noticeable by their absence from virtually all alternatives on the market. But this capacity to directly confirm insights with visitors - not to mention all the other benefits of surveying customers - completely removes guesswork from website development and these features have proved highly popular with our users.

And taken together, this means that agencies can offer clients a complete website intelligence solution from a single analytics partner. This can enhance collaborations considerably, while also removing the data silos and time wastage that comes when using multiple tools simultaneously.

#3 Highly Sellable Service Addition

Choose an Award-Winning Partner with Extensive Social Proof

When it comes to new software, reputation matters, and particularly for agencies that take a dual-branding approach to white label analytics. TWIPLA is a long-established website intelligence provider. We've been around since 2015, and this has given us nearly a decade to perfect our white label analytics service.

Today, more than 2.5 million businesses have integrated our analytics into their websites and there's no shortage of five-star reviews from happy users. We've also won over 60 industry awards since 2019, and this industry recognition attests to the usability, functionality, and cost-effectiveness of our product.

We also like to work closely with our agency partners, and are happy to develop new features on request. We also regularly hear how happy our partners are with the service, and how much easier the features are to navigate than with alternatives like Google Analytics.

#4 In-Built Scalability

White Label Analytics Built for Agency Growth

Scalability is vital for agency profitability since the costs of both adding additional clients and then servicing them drops off as more accounts are brought in.

At TWIPLA, we understand that this extends to the analytics they offer. Our white label solution has been designed with this in mind. There's no limit to the number of clients they can add, nor are there any costs or hidden add-ons regardless of agency size.

We also have the secure data servers and other infrastructure required to respond to the complex data requirements of large agencies and other enterprise clients. This means that we have the capabilities to meet the needs of agencies and consultancies as they grow, with no compromise on performance or data processing speed.

Simply put, TWIPLA's white label analytics solution future-proofs the analytics requirements of agencies. Our platform is redefining what businesses can expect from this technology, and we regularly roll out new features to ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of the industry.

#5 Ease of Data Presentation

Enhance Colleague and Client Collaboration

One common issue with white label analytics is the difficulty that agencies have presenting data to stakeholders. This is a real issue with Google Analytics, with a lack of customization and access restrictions complicating an already unintuitive platform.

This is not a problem with TWIPLA, making us a superior alternative to GA. Our custom dashboards make it easy to create report panels with insights from across the TWIPLA toolkit. The dashboards themselves and the report blocks added to them can be renamed to make it easy to identify the data to present. Filters can also be activated within each report block so that they only show the information that agencies want to see or show.

Agencies can create as many of these custom dashboards as they need. This means that they can create different report panels that align with anything from high-level client goals to individual tasks, streamlining collaborations significantly.

Crucially, agencies can also control who has access to these dashboards, enhancing data governance by securing sensitive data. This means that agencies can only show clients the data that they want them to see, and also stop IT workers, internal staff, and other unauthorized users from gaining entry.

#6 Privacy-Perfect White Label Analytics

Meet Modern Data Protection Expectations

Clients and their website visitors are increasingly aware of the importance of data privacy, with 83% of respondents to a Statista survey saying that they would like to take more actions to protect their information online.

This is a striking figure, and is proof if needed that agency clients are more likely to adopt new digital technologies that protect them and their own website visitors from data malpractice, and keep personal data secure.

Privacy compliance is also now a fundamental legal responsibility for businesses; 80% of countries have data privacy laws in place or in the pipeline, and businesses that ignore them risk large fines and damage to their reputation.

But unfortunately, many white label analytics providers are not as privacy-compliant as they claim. Most share data with third parties, and burden agency clients with a whole host of privacy compliance responsibilities that can be both confusing and time-consuming.

But TWIPLA is different. Our platform has been designed from the ground up with privacy in mind. It uses a cookieless tracking system that meets all global privacy requirements by default, and which does away with the need for the cookie consent banner that acts as an ugly barrier to data collection.

Data is fully aggregated, anonymized, and scrubbed of anything that can be used to identify website visitors. We've found that this technology is a great selling point that agencies and their clients can both leverage to enhance credibility in the eyes of the wider public.

#7 Provide More Accurate Insights

Our White Label Analytics Supercharges Data Capture

Since our features can be used legitimately under all global laws without visitor consent, our platform collects data on website visitors that is invisible to alternative platforms. Indeed, our partners say that they now have up to five times more data at their disposal than from tools they used previously.

This translates to a far higher level of insight accuracy, and much better website development guidance. It also means that TWIPLA can be used to confirm the accuracy of data pulled from alternative analytics tools like Google Analytics, meaning that users can better trust the data they have to hand.

Data processing is also immediate, with none of the batching or 48-hour delays common from other analytics platforms. This means that agencies and their clients have access to immediate reporting that refreshes up to the second, which can make them more versatile and responsive to change.

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Grow Revenue Effortlessly

Receive a 30% commision from each client who adopts our white-labeled analytics integration. Book a demo and learn more about how we can help your business.

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That's TWIPLA's White Label Analytics Explained

As you can see, our white label analytics is a lucrative option for agencies and consultancies looking to growth their client base and keep customers for longer, as well as to increase revenue and differentiation during what is a difficult time for marketing agencies.

If you want to learn more about our service, feel free to book a free platform demo with Dragos - our Head of Enterprise and Integrations. He'll walk you through the agency adoption and commission process, and answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, sign up to TWIPLA today and never pay a cent.  Take a tour of all our website intelligence features and see for yourself exactly what our website intelligence platform can bring to your marketing agency.


What Is Another Name for White Label Analytics?

Other terms for white label analytics include white label business intelligence, white label BI, custom analytics, and OEM BI.

What Are the Advantages of White Label Analytics for Agencies?

TWIPLA's white label analytics enables agencies to enhance their service delivery with a fully-managed website intelligence solution. This means that they can provide their clients with granular digital performance insights and ROI performance data. Agencies also receive 30% commission on client packages, with no costs or add-ons.

How Can Agencies Start Using TWIPLA's White Label Analytics?

Agencies need to own a standard TWIPLA account, which they can quickly calibrate to their own branding in the settings part of the module. They can then add client websites to this account, decide who can view the data, and customize who has access to the analytics.

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