A session on a website or app represents the set of actions, such as visited pages, events, or e-commerce transactions, done by a visitor within a specific time-range.

What is a session? 

A session represents a set of visitor interactions with a website or app within a given time range. 
The visitor interaction of a session can cover the following: 

  • multiple page views
  • events (such as clicks, closing pop-ups, filling forms)
  • social interactions
  • e-commerce transactions

How long does a session last?

By default, a session lasts 3 hours. This, basically, means when a visitor lands on the site, tracking is started, and all the activity is clustered until the session ends. 
After 3 hours, the expiration time resets by adding on an additional 3 hours from the time of that interaction. 
Therefore, a single user can open as many sessions as they want (for every visit on the site after more than 3 hours from the last action) - be it in the same day, or over several days, weeks, or months.