Website Heatmaps to Enhance Your Web Analytics

Discover the power of heatmaps! Gain insights, analyze visitor interactions & optimize your website's performance.

Easily Understand User Behavior on Your Website

Website Visitor Behavior Brought to Life

The TWIPLA heatmap is a visual representation of the web page areas that had user activity (clicks, taps, etc) recorded on them. It is an advanced web analytics feature that allows website owners and marketers to understand visitor behavior more effectively.

Heatmaps work by displaying warm colors such as red, orange and yellow for high activity, cold colors such as blue or green for some activity, while the lack of color represents no significant activity whatsoever on those certain parts of the page.

Create Your Heatmaps in Just Seconds

Choose Which Pages to Heatmap

With TWIPLA, you have full control over the pages that will be tracked in order to generate your website heatmaps.You may choose to track a single page, such as the home page, or choose a bundle of pages that have a similar look or purpose, such as product pages. You can select the number of page views to be recorded, from 2.000 to 8.000, and you can stop or pause this process whenever you need to.

Track Movement & Actions on Your Website

Intuitive Visualizations of Four Key User Actions

There are 4 types of interactions that are taken into consideration when generating a heatmap: user clicks, mouse movement, taps, and scrolls. 

Also, different heatmaps will be shown depending on the type of device: desktop, tablet or mobile. For your desktop devices, you will see a click map, while for touchscreen devices you will see a heatmap based on taps.

TWIPLA shows a list of web page elements and the number of clicks and taps on each of them, so that you can see the best performing buttons and hotspots.

Learn Which Countries are the Most Engaged

See the Global Distribution of Your Website Visitors

Along with your website heatmaps, TWIPLA will also display a map of the top 5 countries from which your website visitors were most active. 

Use this information to increase your conversion rates across the website and to improve user experience. Move around page elements that you wish would stand out more and try out different CTAs until you find the best one. Maybe go as far as translating your website into specific languages from your top countries.


What Are Heatmaps? The Only Guide You Need 

Heatmaps paint powerful visual stories about website visitor behavior. Read this guide to learn what heatmaps are and how to use them effectively in marketing.