Conversion Funnels

Set up & analyze conversion funnels. Check your website's visitor paths at multiple levels. Gain valuable insights into customer journeys & optimize your marketing strategies.

Monitor the Conversion Rates of Your Most Important Processes

Improve Your Paths to Purchase

The customer journey on your website can now be tracked more easily than ever before. The conversion funnel analytics is a very important tool for digital marketing.

If you are truly dedicated to your product or service, a funnel showing you the conversion rates of your most important processes (i.e how many of your visitors buy a product, register to a service, view certain content, or sign up for your newsletter), is not an option, but a necessity. 

Keep an Eye on Drop Outs

Easily Identify Funnel Blockages

See the amount and percentage of visitors that dropped out at each level of the funnel you set up.

Even watch the session replays of visitors that dropped out at each level of your conversion process. Drastically improve your ability to identify the levels/pages that keep your visitors from reaching the areas of your website you want them to reach.

Set Up Your Website Funnels in No Time

Conversion Funnel Analytics Made Easy

Within TWIPLA, you can define the levels of your marketing funnels with lightning speed.

Simply decide which page serves as the top level of your funnel and which page represents the last level, or final conversion level. Create fundamental marketing funnels such as homepage > product page > payment confirmation in seconds. 

Optimize Your Website Funnels Simply & Effectively

Fully Customizable Funnel Creation

For each funnel, set the number of visitors you wish to track, add up to 8 levels and your expected conversion rate.

Visualize the results and data for each one of them based on different time periods of your choice. Color codes implying different intensities of interaction make it easy for you to get a quick visual grasp of your funnels' performance. Create multiple visitor funnels for your website that represent the most important processes on your website.


What Are Conversion Funnels? A Guide for Digital Marketers

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