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This section of our website is dedicated to several partnership opportunities we are interested in. It covers:

  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Cross-promotion opportunities
  • Guest blogging
  • Influencer/stakeholder partnerships
  • White label analytics for website builders and CMS providers

TWIPLA continues to develop compatibility with new technical environments and expanding into new markets. This is why we are becoming more and more interested in developing partnerships with those who are compatible with our values.

We are mostly looking for partners in the areas of web development & management, digital marketing, and connected topics. TWIPLA is constantly reaching out to industry leaders and influencers who we respect and follow. We are equally open to the idea of others reaching out to us, as well.

If any of the opportunities listed here (or other mutually beneficial ones) catch your attention, please use our contact page to get in touch with us. We usually reply in less than 24 hours.

Affiliate marketing programs are one simple type of partnership we are interested in. We propose a win-win situation, where you spread the word about the TWIPLA app to the people in your network and you earn a commission based on the results.

The way we track results is through affiliate links. Every person in our affiliate network receives a unique link, customized with UTM parameters. They can then use this link on whatever channels they see fit, and all clicks resulting from the process will be tracked and attributed to the affiliate.

The commission rate is 20% on any payments from the customers you have referred to us using this method. This is a 2 years affiliate commission, meaning that any payments made by a customer through your link will earn you money, no matter when this happens in these 2 years. The earnings are paid on a monthly basis and there is no minimum threshold. 

This type of collaboration is great for people who are part of large communities of website owners or developers, as well as for those who write specialized reviews on their blogs/websites. We suggest that affiliates make an evaluation of their audience first, then try to match it to our services. 

If you are a specialist speaking to beginners, you can approach them by pointing out the fact that our app shows website statistics in a friendly way. On the other hand, if your network consists of advanced users, you may want to present the features that make TWIPLA a viable alternative to Google Analytics. For example, individual user paths or recordings and session replays.

You can start referring TWIPLA and monitor your performance & earnings via your own easy to use dashboard. If you need some inspiration, see our blog post on how to begin promoting your referral link!

In brief, if you want to earn money as a TWIPLA affiliate, go to our affiliates page and sign up.

Cross promotional marketing is another method that can benefit both TWIPLA and our potential partners who may offer related products and services. We are looking for digital service providers that are somehow complementary to our own services. To give some examples, we are potentially interested in:

  • Landing page builders - users concerned about increasing their website traffic should be interested both in building UX friendly landing pages, as well as in monitoring the results with website analytics.

  • SEO tools - we most likely share a similar target audience. Website owners who want to improve their SEO will also want to monitor traffic coming from search engines, using website analytics.

  • Rank tracking tools - in this case, the target audience is also very similar

If you own any of the above types of tools, or other digital products, and would be interested to cooperate, please contact us


Cross-promotion examples we are open to: 

1. Place a small ad in each-others dashboards.

2. Review each-others apps on our respective websites. 

3. Write some content together, like an e-book or a promotional newsletter.

4. Develop together and co-host an online class or a webinar directed at our common target audience. Examples could include titles such as: “Website management and promotion for beginners”“SEO tips to increase traffic on your website”“Landing page building that brings results”“Understanding your visitors with website analytics”

5. Offering discounts for the partner’s clients

6. Doing bundle deals, where we offer products together, in a common package

7. Joint campaigns

The list is open-ended.

Do you have an interesting topic you would like to share with us? We are open to publishing quality guest posts on our blog. The post will have to meet our guest post guidelines:

  • Subject - anything that is useful to our specific audience: website owners/managers/developers and small business owners. Also consider the experts who might work with them to increase their online visibility (SEO experts, digital marketers etc.). The subject of the guest blog post can target beginners or more advanced users.

  • Originality - even if the topic is not original in itself, the approach must be. We may consider publishing materials that were previously published somewhere else, by the same author. However, under no circumstances will we allow publishing materials that belong to other authors than the guest blogger. We will run a plagiarism check on all materials.

  • Novelty - we prefer topics that are related to a recent development in our domains of interest. For example, the latest Google algorithm update or the current debate about internet privacy. However, we may accept guest posts on other topics, as well. Please make sure to send us your guest post idea before writing the material. 

  • Content length - the content should be between 1000 and 2000 words.

  • Features - we prefer posts that are accompanied by visuals, such as images and videos. Especially if you are doing a tutorial guest post, you would have to provide a video, to be added to the content.

  • Style - we lately try to use a style in between neutral and formal. From time to time, we do publish more informal posts.

  • Formatting - please follow a logical pattern for the content, with special care to the hierarchy of your titles and subtitles. We reserve the right to make changes to the formatting.

  • No explicit advertising - please don’t send us guest posts that only serve the purpose of promoting a brand/service/product/page. You can mention a product or a service, if it is relevant for the larger context, but this should not be the main focus of the content. We allow one backlink in the text or from the author’s bio.

Do you own a blog or a website? Are you struggling to find ideas to write about? We may be able to help you. We are interested to increase our audience by publishing guest posts on other blogs that share our interests.

This means we may be available to write for your blog. Our most recent posts are the most relevant if you want to have an idea about how and what we write about:

We would like to become a brand that works with influencers. However, our definition of the term “influencer” may not be the same as the classical one. When we say “influencer” we don’t necessarily mean an Instagram celebrity. 

Rather, we are referring to those people that are really seen as experts in website management, website development, analytics or digital marketing. Even if these are not public personas, if they are in contact with a significant group of followers on a permanent basis, they may be the persons we are looking for. 

What we expect in an influencer is to be able to “influence” people to try our product. For instance, a website developer that has contact with hundreds of clients can be an influencer, because he/she can recommend our app for their websites. His expert advice can make a big difference in the signup process.

If you are this kind of influencer, we would like to work with you. You can, of course, work with us as an affiliate, but there are other ways to approach our collaboration. Our standard for working with influencers is that their contribution to our marketing goals must be easily quantifiable before they can claim financial benefits.

This type of partnership is aimed at software companies like website builders and CMS providers that would like to add an analytics tool to the features they offer to website owners. The TWIPLA app can be integrated in the system that these website builders are already offering, bringing added value to their customers.

Find out more about white label analytics and analytics as a service on our dedicated page.

Our basis for partnerships is mutual respect and benefits. If your contribution is expected to bring us something positive, we are ready to return the favor. The partnerships don’t necessarily have to rely on financial agreements. We are open to talk about barters and other service for service ideas.

TWIPLA is Growing & Expanding to More Platforms & Markets.

This is why we are becoming more and more interested in developing partnerships with those who are compatible with our values. We are mostly looking for partners in the areas of web development & management, digital marketing and connected topics.

TWIPLA is constantly reaching out to industry leaders and influencers who we respect and follow. We are equally open to the idea of others reaching out to us, as well.

If any of the opportunities listed here or other mutually beneficial ones catch your attention, please use our contact page to get in touch with us.

We are very friendly and usually reply in less than 24 hours.