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The Power of User Analytics for Marketing Teams (and Beyond)

Simon Coulthard September 28, 2022

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Looking for Easy-to-Use Analytics that Provide Data to Customers in Real-Time?

With user analytics, you can give your customers the data they need in real-time.

If you're a marketing lead, you're probably using Google Analytics to get data to your clients. But that might not be the best answer to your needs.

Integrating a white-label dashboard solution for your customer-facing analytics can be a game changer — for your brand and your UX.
But how do you know which dashboard is right for you (and your marketing team)?

User Analytics in Traditional BI vs. Customer-Facing Dashboards

In case you don't know the advantages user analytics has over traditional business intelligence (BI), here's a quick overview:

Traditional BI has restrictions on scaling, workflow, and customer-facing capacity.

User analytics in customer-facing dashboards surpasses the limitations of traditional BI and improves customer engagement and experience:

  • Grants autonomy to customers through self-service programs
  • Integrates with existing applications
  • Good for user engagement — users interact with data instead of passively consuming it

TWIPLA Helps Your Marketing Team Understand Customer Journeys

Your marketing team can use analytics to increase website traffic and improve business. But to do this, they need to know how to interpret the data they're gathering.

That's where TWIPLA comes in.

This company's analytics product has the following features:

  • Easy installation for your marketing team
  • User-friendly design
  • GDPR/CCPA-compliant app — TWIPLA adheres to security best practices

Ability to track web activity and observe each user's unique path across your site

"But what about Google Analytics? Doesn't it do all that?"


TWIPLA vs. Google Analytics

You know it, and maybe you love it or hate it (or both): Google Analytics

It's the standard, but let's talk about some downsides:


Platform Privacy

Google tracks all user behavior across its products and services, including your Gmail, Drive, Adsense, Search, etc.

Google uses that data — your data — for its own purposes. Maybe you don't care, but what about your customers? You're sharing insights with them too. Data security is a serious and legitimate concern that can lead to a sales objection.

You don't want to lose a sale over Google's data sharing.

TWIPLA is serious about data security. They comply with best practices and emerging laws regarding the security of user data.


Ease of Use

Google Analytics isn't exactly easy to use. Google even takes the old-school approach of offering certification in its analytics platform — i.e., a test (because it's complicated).

On the other hand, TWIPLA has a simple, easy-to-understand visual interface designed specifically with end-users in mind.

Data UI and UX

Google Analytics' main menu only offers an aggregated view of your information. It works well for large-scale trends, but what if you're interested in tracing customer journeys?

TWIPLA gives you that option. Want to see how your customers are proceeding through your site? TWIPLA has that.

Want to see session replays of actual customers using your website? TWIPLA has that, too — going way beyond the stats to tell a user story.


Platform Integration

Sure, Google Analytics has platform integration. But it'll suck up some of your engineering bandwidth to implement it.

TWIPLA integrates easily with any platform, and there's a series of helpful tutorials to assist you. If that doesn't get you there, their team is happy to schedule a call to help out.


TWIPLA is a White Label Analytics Solution for Marketing Teams

TWIPLA uses a white-label analytics system to:

  • Conform to your identity
  • Leverage your brand
  • Strengthen customer relations 

With TWIPLA, you can:

  • Customize colors, logos, fonts, and URLs
  • View client website statistics, visitor behavior analytics, and visitor feedback
  • Offer your clients a comprehensive set of solutions without cookies for data tracking
  • Provide clients with in-depth information like website performance, visitor behavior, and comments


Upsell Features by Understanding Your Users Better

Customers want data insights that are easy to understand. Prioritizing this increases the likelihood of customers upgrading their subscription to your app.

TWIPLA gives you the data and the customer stories that help you upgrade your UX:

  • Replace/relocate content
  • Adjust content based on visitor feedback
  • Upgrade conversion funnels
  • Fix/update features
  • Offer your customers a complete service package that includes website stats, visitor behavior analytics and visitor feedback

TWIPLA covers your marketing team's user analytics needs.

What about your product team?

Explo's Customer Analytics is for Product Teams

If you think TWIPLA is an upgrade for your marketing team, have a look at Explo for your product team.

Explo can help your business create beautiful, configurable, white-label dashboards that embed directly into your app.

We provide analytics to your customers and improve your product/service. Our real-time dashboard exposes usage breakdowns and gives insights into your product's efficiency.

Explo's Self-Service Solutions

Customer-facing analytics frees your IT staff and lets your engineering team focus on other things, like product development. How? It's a self-service tool.

Your customers can immediately find solutions to their issues without assistance. Pre-configured dashboards offer easy access to data, and no-code customizable templates let users view the most relevant and helpful info.

Best of all, your customers don't have to be data scientists to understand their reports (and neither do you).


Explo Offers Seamless Embedding & Integration

Explo is flexible. It lets you smoothly integrate your apps and add dashboards and visualizations to your website. You can easily create a dashboard, embed it into your website, or create standalone dashboard portals. Then you take all the credit for the fantastic, data-driven insights you share with your customers. 


Explo Requires Minimal Development Time

Data integration with Explo saves you and your customers time:

  • You don't have to build customized dashboards or maintain analytics solutions specifically for customers
  • Customers stay in your platform rather than running analytics separately

Explo Case Study: Gather Learning

Gather Learning helps museums and cultural institutions increase engagement with their programs and create lines of sight for business users across their members’ usage.

Using Explo's drag-and-drop interface, Gather created embedded dashboards for their web application and shared data with admin users in days (instead of months).

Gather's databases collect member engagement data and route it to embedded dashboards. These dashboards can then be customized in minutes based on customer feedback and requests.

Read the entire case study here.



Sharing user analytics with your customers increases engagement with your platform, leading to better customer satisfaction. It's also an opportunity to upsell valuable insights to customers.

If you're looking for solutions to share these analytics super easily, take a look at TWIPLA White Labeled Solutions.

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