White Label Credits Overview

Overview on how Credits will be consumed by our features

Main Module Sub Module Basis of Credit consumption Comments
Statistics All submodules 1 Page visit = 1 Credit  
Statistics (planned 2024) Social Media Tracker No Credit consumption  
Behavior Analytics Custom Events 1 Event = 0.1 Credit Manual and auto-events both each generate 0.1 STP
Behavior Analytics Recordings 1 Recording = 1 Credit Independent of recording’s length
Behavior Analytics Heatmaps 1 Visit of heatmap's Page = 1 Credit  
Behavior Analytics Funnels 1 Visit of a funnel's page = 1 Credit  
Behavior Analytics (planned 2024) Form Analytics At least one interaction with the form = 1 Credit Independent of the form’s complexity. Multiple interactions with a form still result in one STP generation.
Feedback Polls At least one interaction with a poll = 1 Credit  
Feedback Surveys At least one interaction with a survey = 1 Credit  
SEO (planned 2024)   Frequency of data updates More details to follow

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