News & Updates for the TWIPLA Community! — February edition

TWIPLA has been changing a lot lately!

Here is a review of all the most recent changes and upgrades to our app and services.

TWIPLA new translations

TWIPLA is now translated into 3 new languages: Chinese (traditional), Ukrainian and Thai. This means we are now available in 19 languages, other than English.
So our clients can feel free to check their stats in German, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Thai, Chinese (traditional) and Ukrainian!
We know how important it is to fully understand your stats and this is why we developed an easy to browse app with a friendly design. But now, we want to help website owners even more, so we localized our app while keeping in mind our audience from over 155 countries (thank you all!) to save our clients time and effort and to smooth the process of understanding website performance.

Ignore your TWIPLA Traffic from a given IP

Up until now, you could only ignore someone’s visits by sending them a special link to your website that we were automatically generating for you, but now there is a new and easier way!
If you want to stop tracking the traffic from specific IPs, all you have to do is to go to your settings and apply the IPs that you want to ignore:
This will help you in having a less biased analytics result and you can easily ignore the visits from bots, crawlers, coworkers or just some visitors that you do not want to track anymore for various reasons.
But first, here is what you should know about IPs!
There are two types of IPs: static IPs and dynamic IPs. Having a Static IP means your IP addresses will not change and you will have the same IP every day if you connect to the same network. The static IPs are an option for businesses rather than residences, because it is very useful for dedicated services such as web servers or FTP, hosting computer servers, and it makes it easier for geolocation services to accurately estimate where you are.
On the other hand, most people have a dynamic IP and it will change constantly. And, as you can imagine, these IPs are automatically given by your Internet Service Provider and reliable with very little work from your side (or none at all), but the geolocation might be less accurate.
If you do not know your IP or if it is a static or dynamic one, just click here and you will easily see everything about your IP if you click Show me more about my IP.

Traffic Limit notifications

Having high website traffic is awesome! But reaching your subscription traffic limits before you may turn out in lack of data and this is bad for business— especially if you want to see how your website is performing during a campaign.
From now on you will know when you are at 50%, 75%, 90% of your traffic and how many visits you will still have! Once you reach the limit, you will get a sticky notification about this.
Please note that we will stop tracking your data once the traffic limit is reached.

A second a day keeps the clicking away!

Each second matters, so we just added Tooltips for the menu, so you do not have to open it to see what is there. It is not a huge change, but we hope it helps you browse easier within the app! 
There are some new animations in your charts, so you can see the growth faster.
And we changed the website too, so everything is way easier to find with just a couple of clicks.

TWIPLA Support Center

We have a brand new TWIPLA support center for you! We managed to make a huge list of tutorials for you and details to help you get the most out of Visitor analytics in no time.
All you need to do is to go to is select the category of information you are interested in (E.g. Legal, Support or Blog) and check the articles. Or just write us a message by clicking the smiling bubble from the lower right corner.

We launched new services!

While we are good at tracking our customers’ data, we would also love to help you grow your traffic, rank well in search engines, optimize your content and grow your (SaaS) business by using our app.
Here is what we launched in terms of services:

TWIPLA can be installed on any HTML website from now on!

Everyone was waiting for this and we finally did it!
In mid- January we launched TWIPLA on any HTML website (WordPress, Squarespace or whatever platform you decided to build your website on): all you have to do is to create an account on our website, add a website within the app and paste a snippet code in the website header or footer.

SEO Services

While we are good at tracking our customers’ data, we are always tracking your feedback and thoughts as well. So we launched the TWIPLA SEO Services to help your website grow and rank well.

Analytics as a Service

Expand your SaaS offering to your customers with friendly analytics under your own brand!
Building your own analytics may be very time (and money) consuming: you need the source code and infrastructure to support all your clients’ traffic, dynamic characteristics, custom stats to fit your needs, a native interface to make it easy to browse, a GDPR-compliant architecture and so much more.
Through TWIPLA we developed the idea of Analytics as a Service as an API that allows you to integrate and serve website analytics using an iframe to your existing users.
The current solutions on the market are very expensive, almost impossible to customize and provide standard data.
And we got your back on this. All you have to do is to drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

TWIPLA Affiliate Program

We have just launched an Affiliate Program and it is super easy and free to join! You can boost your earnings with a 20% commission on any purchase you refer us to for our Standard app.
All you have to do is to get set up in just a few minutes, refer TWIPLA to your community and monitor your performance & earnings via your dashboard.
Thanks to each and every one of you for being part of our amazing journey, for giving us great feedback and ideas and for growing with us!