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Short Description

TWIPLA is a complete website intelligence solution. We provide businesses with all the statistics, behavior analytics features, and direct visitor communication tools they need to fully understand website performance and guide optimization. The platform uses cookieless tracking and at Maximum Privacy Mode, it can be used in complete compliance with all global data privacy laws.

Long Description

TWIPLA  is an advanced yet accessible website intelligence platform, with a comprehensive suite of easy-to-use, privacy-compliant features. The platform helps you remove data privacy concerns, with cookieless tracking, and gain access to data from 100% of your website visitors (not only a small sample). With its simple analytics and easy-to-use interface, TWIPLA makes advanced web statistics accessible for everyone.

With three categories of insights – website statistics, visitor behavior analytics, and visitor communication – all website owners can see the complete picture of what is and isn’t working on their websites. Collect and analyze website data about visitors’ behavior in real-time, through session recordings, conversion funnels, heatmaps, click paths, and traffic structure. Using our poll and survey features, you can effortlessly receive feedback from your online community.

More than 2.5 million websites (#1 WIX website analytics plugin) are already benefiting from easier access to core metrics, an enhanced understanding of visitor behavior, and a more connected visitor experience.

With a free forever plan and easy onboarding, the platform couldn’t be easier to test drive. You’ll finally gain just the insights you need to defeat the analytics monster and clearly understand what visitors are doing on your website.

TWIPLA | Logos

Download our logo using the colors or format that suits you best for online or print materials.
You know the rules, no putting it upside down, stretching it, or doing anything else funky.


Horizontal logo & name - colored (SVG / PNG)

Horizontal logo & name - black (SVG / PNG)

Horizontal logo & name - white (SVG / PNG)  — place it against a colored background in order to be able to see it

Square logo - colored (SVG / PNG)

Square logo - black (SVG / PNG)

Square logo - white (SVG / PNG) — place it against a colored background in order to be able to see it

TWIPLA | Colors

We use a set of colors to both inspire and help our customers use TWIPLA in a friendly manner. Feel free to copy the HEX codes for the following color palette.- you can also download the entire color swatch below.

Primary colors:

HEX: #FB8537

HEX: #6B1EB8



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The Website Intelligence Platform

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