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Visitor Analytics is a high-performing start-up that aims to offer an all-in-one solution for any website in regards to website statistics, UX & behavior (recordings, heatmaps, funnels, etc.), visitor interaction, and so much more. Founded in January 2016 in Munich and Cluj, our app has been installed more than 2.0M times by users from 190 countries. There are currently around 1.86 billion active websites on the web. Our tool is compatible with any website. So the potential is huge.

As we want to further speed up our growth, we are looking for an experienced Senior Back-end Developer, with strong technical skills and relevant experience of at least 4 years.

Everything takes place in a very flat hierarchy – with everyone closely working together on our common goal of building the #1 analytics application on the planet. 

Key responsibilities:

  • Work on multiple microservices - written in NodeJS (TS, JS), Spring (Kotlin), PHP (Symfony)
  • Develop new microservices to accommodate the (many) new features and requirements of the project
  • Refactor existing microservices or extract new ones to improve performance and scalability 
  • Come up with ideas to improve existing architecture - feedback and ideas are always welcome
  • Monitor, trace and debug production microservices to ensure an application with 0 downtime
  • Work to improve the CI / CD flow of the project

Core skills:

You’re a motivated team player who takes initiative and pride in his work and contributes to an informal working environment. You will be confident in your ability to develop the product, taking into account the following:

  • At least 4 years of working experience with backend technologies
  • Excellent knowledge of NodeJS
  • Experience in working with a TDD approach
  • You have a strong background in Linux-based development
  • You have previous experience with container technologies such as Docker
  • You have strong knowledge of microservice architecture
  • You are passionate about writing clean, maintainable & testable code
  • You have a strong Agile/Scrum work ethic
  • You are continuously researching tools, technologies, frameworks and practices.
  • You are highly committed and responsible, independent and able to take an initiative
  • You are always mindful of quality attributes like maintainability, performance, security, scalability, usability and testability. 
  • You carefully read the specifications and assignments and you like to take responsibility for your components from start to end
  • You feel comfortable discussing and deepening technical and technical requirements with the PM
  • You have multitasking capabilities, attention to detail and excellent analytical skills
  • You can learn quickly new technologies and adapt to new technical challenges
  • Projects with a high complexity interest you
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork skills
  • Fluent English skills
  • Knowledge of PHP is considered a plus
  • Knowledge of Java or Kotlin is considered a plus

Things we can guarantee:

  • Competitive salary, with many other extra benefits (complex medical package, extra free days, events, gifts and others)
  • Opportunity to work on a challenging project, using the latest technologies
  • The perfect framework for professional development
  • A young, creative and joyful team
  • A flexible work schedule which makes you more productive
  • We support any opportunities that are useful for you, including training and events
  • We celebrate a lot, with pizza and cookies and gifts
  • We believe in giving back and we want to offer you one paid day to volunteer for a charity of your choice, or participating, with the entire team, at annual/local charity events

Tracking and understanding website statistics, analytics and user behavior using most tools is very complex & time-consuming, especially for non-technical people. You have to install and use many tools in parallel, retrieve data from different repositories, and then compare them all. It’s easy to find yourself stuck in an overwhelming amount of graphs and charts. This is why we developed Visitor Analytics: all the tools you need, united into one app. A user-friendly structure, a straightforward presentation of complex data, and simplifying your work with  data synergy between modules!

We are 100% GDPR/CCPA compliant and collect all the data a website owner needs to know about their visitors in real-time: referrals, conversions, bounce rates, click paths, traffic structure, social media interactions, custom events, page visits, IPs, locations, browsers, devices or OS used, and much more. And get more value from the app by using our visitor behavior analysis tools: session recordings, conversion funnels, and heatmaps. Receive feedback from your website’s visitors with almost no effort using our amazing poll and survey features. Our app is built for entrepreneurs, marketers and companies focused on their site statistics, visitor behavior, and interacting with their website visitors. Stay tuned for more useful modules; we’ve always got a new feature right around the corner.

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