Granular Website Statistics About Users

Action Visitors' Insights to Increase Engagement

Introducing Visitors

Turn Users into Powerful Insights

Visitors enables you to understand website performance from the perspective of your audience. Learn who's visiting, their visit times, and the devices they use. Know where they're located right down to approximate street level, and also what business they work for.

We provide all the stats that matter. You'll find that everything's been intuitively designed, and you can also go as deep into any visitor segment as you need to thanks to our powerful filtering engine. So leverage our tool and tailor content and outreach to your users.

Why Use Visitors Web Statistics?

  • Use geographic insights for targeting and localization.
  • Optimize your website to audience device usage.
  • Incorporate company data into B2B sales strategies.
  • Use peak time info for scheduling and promotions.

Precise Visitor Breakdown Analysis

Insights for Tailoring Your Website to its Audience

Latest Visitors

Detailed Audience Statistics

Jump into the overview and learn about your latest website visitors. Or, limit what you see to the time frame of your choice. Add a multi-level filter. Activate a saved filter template. Use TWIPLA, and you'll find it easy to focus in on the users you want to understand today.

So see at a glance whether they're new or returning users. Know what time they visited, the number of pages viewed, and what company they work for. Learn their technological preferences, grasp what device type, browser, and operating system they use.

Then, go even deeper if your chosen privacy level allows you to. Watch a session recording. Immediately see what they did during the visit. View their website visit history. And use these insights to guide any website optimization decisions you need to make.

Countries and Cities

Rank Top Visitors' Locations

Go into this web statistics feature and immediately identify the top countries of origin for your visitors during whatever time period you choose. See this data in intuitive list form, with total user numbers and percentage of all visits displayed for ease of understanding.

Also see a list of the most popular cities of origin. Or, limit results to the country of your choice. Pull the precise insights you need for region-specific marketing, improve content targeting, and also fine-tune service provision to local cultural and consumer trends.

So use TWIPLA and tailor your online presence to geographic user traits. Leverage it to inform market penetration strategies and also identify untapped opportunities for growth. Ensure compliance with regional privacy laws and allocate resources more effectively.

Geolocational Map

Pull Up Street-Level Insights

Using TWIPLA really puts the whole world in your hands. View visitor location data on a dynamic and easy-to-follow chart. Immediately see how your audience is spread out globally during any given time frame, and view visitor numbers at-a-glance for ease of analysis.

Then, go deeper. Click on any of the locations to zoom in as much as you want. See how your internet users are distributed by state, district, and street. Quickly learn the approximate locations that visitors are browsing from, and understand your audience better.

So use TWIPLA and get the geographic data you need. Then, use these insights to further refine targeting and personalization strategies, as well as to increase local-level service delivery precision. Get the intelligence you need for local business success.

Traffic Charts

Learn Popular Visit Times

Use our intuitive traffic charts to understand when your website attracts the most visitors. Learn how traffic volume is distributed throughout the week and right down to the hour. Then, compare two time periods of your choice and see how things have changed.

So leverage the data-driven insights from TWIPLA and know when to publish content. Also improve the performance of promotional campaigns and giveaways. Catch your target audience when they're most active. And increase both website traffic and engagement.

Alternatively, focus on the page loads themselves. See how these are spread out during the day and week. Understand when your servers are most loaded. Also identify low activity periods that you can use for repairs, general maintenance, and other down time.

Visitor Company Distribution

See Who They Work For

Use TWIPLA and see the company or carrier network that your visitors are associated with if they've registered their IP address with their business network provider. It's fantastic insight for building B2B relationships, and particularly when targeting enterprise clients.

So dive in and see business names ordered by visit frequency. Learn their percentage of total visits. Use the search function to see if anyone you're interested in has paid a visit during any time period. Get ahead of the game and know who's researching your company.

Then, leverage this insight to enhance lead generation capabilities. See what competitors are interested in. Understand buyer intent. So get the information you need to support ABM campaigns. Fast-track ICP development, and also add more visits to the sales pipeline.