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View your visitors behavior & activity start-to-end!

Discover all their:

  • Visited Pages Over Time
  • Browser
  • Device Type
  • Time Spent on Each Page
  • Internet Protocol
  • Operating System
  • Visitor Status

Global Map of Your Visitors

The World in your hands!

Visually track and understand your visitors approximate location and the website's audience distribution across the world!

Discover Your Audience & Individual Visitors Activity in Real-Time

Traffic Charts

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Use the peak times to optimize & schedule your content, adverts, or giveaways to have a higher reach. 


Know where your visitors are from by country and by city!

A precise location of your audience helps you create customized content, offers, and highly relevant ads targeting.

Company Reveal

Discover which companies have been visiting your website via their business network provider!

Gain valuable insights that support ABM campaigns, enhance ICP development, and help you to turn visits into pipeline.

  • See Business Names of Visitors
  • Leverage Intent for ABM
  • Enrich Your ICP
  • Turn Visits Into Pipeline