GoMag & TWIPLA's Winning Formula

GoMag Insights gives GoMag's end-users additional tools and a higher Customer Lifetime Value, with this analytics solution fully managed and maintained by TWIPLA at zero cost.

Introducing Our Partner GoMag

Romanian-Based Webstore Builder Platform

Services include store development, the eMag marketplace, an integrated delivery service, GoMag Insights, and automated Google Ads generation.

eCommerce Market Leaders

GoMag has 4,000 active sellers who have a combined turnover of €4 million, making them one of the top players in the Eastern European market.

TWIPLA Powers GoMag Insights

GoMag Insights is TWIPLA's white label website intelligence platform for SaaS platforms. GoMag collects revenue from end-user subsciptions to advanced privacy-perfect analytics.

About Our PartnerGomag is a Romanian webstore builder. Founded by Cosmin Daraban and Aurelian Motica two decades ago, they have since grown into one of the top players in the European eCommerce market. Today, GoMag is a digital marketplace with over 4,000 active sellers who have a combined turnover of more than €4 million.

White label partners with TWIPLA since May 2023, we’re powering GoMag Insights - a native analytics integration that gives their store owners the tools to monitor store performance and guide growth. GoMag are also thought leaders in the European market and were invaluable during the development of eCommerce Statistics.

GoMag's Challenge

How to Enhance Service Provision With Minimal Investment?

GoMag have built a vibrant selling community over the last 19 years, and were entering a new growth cycle. They wanted to introduce a native eCommerce analytics suite, but exclusively for subscribers of their premium plans as a way to motivate upgrades. Analytics would also give their users more reasons to sign in and engage with the platform, but investing in the development of this tech requires capital, expertise and human resources that they wanted to avoid.

TWIPLA's Solution

White Label Analytics for SaaS

Discover TWIPLA's Private Label Integration

How GoMag Benefits

GoMag Enhanced Their Utility Within Days of Partnership

  • Fast Deploy: GoMag was able to start providing their sellers with website intelligence features after only three development days.
  • GoMag-Branded: The toolkit is directly integrated into GoMag’s interface via iFrame, maximizing customization potential.
  • Fully Managed: Every aspect of operations and support is handled by TWIPLA experts under GoMag branding.
  • Additional Revenue: GoMag opened up an additional income stream from subscription plans customized to their end-users.
  • Increased Customer Lifetime Value: Additional tools have given GoMag users more reasons to sign in, engage, and upgrade.

How GoMag’s End-Users Benefit

End-Users Get Cookieless Website Intelligence

  • Complete Website Intelligence: GoMag’s sellers can now access an analytics toolkit with complete website statistics, visitor behavior analytics tools, and communication features.
  • Granular eCommerce Analytics: Users also have an interface that provides eCommerce metrics on store performance, sales, and channel traffic delivery, as well as a customer database.
  • Everything Available In-Platform: TWIPLA is directly integrated into the store builder as GoMag Insights, enabling end-users to analyze store performance without leaving the platform.
  • GDPR-Compliant: GoMag Insights meets GDPR rules by default, but sellers can toggle privacy levels to their preferences and go consentless - removing the need for a cookie consent banner.
  • Supercharged Insights: TWIPLA collects five times more visitor data than cookie-based alternatives. This makes GoMag Insights a useful default eCommerce Analytics toolkit, as well as a trustworthy secondary option for confirming accuracy.


How TWIPLA Users Benefit

eCommerce Statistics Created As Part of Partnership

TWIPLA's eCommerce Statistics module was envisaged as an all-in-one analytics toolkit for sellers, but one that could be used in conjunction with the wider website intelligence solution to give them a heightened level of insight than they can find elsewhere.

And while we’ve been developing cutting-edge analytics since 2015, GoMag’s expertise in the eCommerce market made them invaluable during the design, testing, and deployment of eCommerce Statistics and the results speak for themselves:

  • Complete eCommerce KPI: These include Total Visitor Sessions, Session-to-Purchase Ratio, and Start-Checkout-to-Purchase Ratio. This gives sellers all the eCommerce-specific insights they need, all in one place.
  • Historic Customer Database: TWIPLA keeps a record of customer details, gross revenue, and order history. This data is a great jumping off point for personalized marketing and store promotions.
  • Rich Sales Insights: Sellers can pull up reports on sales by product, by checkout process, and by digital channel performance. This data can enable sellers to quickly optimize inventories and marketing efforts.

Discover eCommerce Statistics