Visitor Status


A website visitor (or visitor for short) is a person who viewed one or more pages of a website, while the visitor status represents their interaction on the website: new, returning or converted. The visitor status is important in improving overall business strategies.

About Website Visitors

A website visitor is a person who enters/views a website, no matter the number of pages.
Web analytics tools, monitor the number of visitors, their status and history.
In the Visitors menu, users are able to access the following information:

  • A list of the latest visitors with their status (new, returning and conversion visitor) and other relevant information about them
  • Number of visitors by hour and day
  • The visitor map and location

All this information can be viewed in more detail in the Dashboard.
Visitor Status 

There are 3 main types of  website visitors shown in the app’s Latest Visitors menu and they are displayed depending on the selected time range (today, last 7 days, last 4 weeks or any custom period of time chosen by the user):

  • New visitor: the person is accessing the website for the first time
  • Returning Visitor: the person came back tothe website after their first visit or, in other words, the visitor had two or more sessions on the website.
  • Conversion visitor: the website visitor reached one or more conversion pages on the website. The visitor could be new or returning, as long as they reached a web page that was set up as a conversion page, they will be counted as a conversion visitor.

Why is Visitor Status Important?

Website owners and admins should know the status of their website visitors in order to improve their business and marketing strategies. The number of conversion visitors can be in direct correlation with the success of a business, while the new and returning visitors could suggest the general interest for the product/website.