Regional keyword


Regional keywords are specific words that advertisers use when they want to target a specific and small audience. Even if it's not easy to find keywords for specific and small areas, this job is not impossible and, if it’s well done, the results could be incredibly valuable.

About regional keywords

The term “regional keywords” represents keywords particular to a specific territory. 

Depending on the area, there can be a wide range of different regional keywords that apply to geo-targets, including neighborhoods that may not be officially listed but everyone in the area is familiar with.

Regional keywords, however, can also be terms and phrases used primarily in an area. 

When an advertiser is trying to target a small, specific region with some keywords, he will use regional keywords to reach a local audience. 

Is it difficult to find regional keywords?

Even regional keywords can be vital to a business, usually it’s difficult for advertisers to find the specific and relevant keywords for a small area. Why? Because when advertisers create a campaign, they use keywords research tools. This should not be a problem if the tools would offer data for keywords used in specific areas. Unfortunately, they are relying on volume data and they don't offer information about how some regional keywords can be targeted or what are the right ones to go after. Also, for the same reason, it’s almost impossible to find how many searches a specific keyword has in a day, a week or a month. 

What are the solutions for finding regional keywords?

Firstly, using keyword data for larger, close and similar regions can be a good solution. If someone wants to reach an audience from a small city (let’s name it city A), that person can use the keyword information that comes from city B (a bigger city, close and similar to A, but which offers more information about the target). Using this information, the advertiser can guess the relative volume because people from city A and B will have similar search patterns.

The second solution that can be mentioned is to use Google autosuggest. Even if the region is small, when you type in Google search the name of that place, the search engine will offer some suggested words. Those are the most related popular searches to choose from and those can be used while doing a hyperlocal SEO. 

Also, it’s recommended to search in desktop and in mobile version too, because the results can be different.