Page Visits


A page visit is counted every time a visitor clicks to view a page, and it helps website owners understand how popular their site is. This is one of the most important metrics to track, as it can define the popularity of a website, the cost of paid partnerships and ads and it can also be proof of growth and trust.

What is a Page Visit and a Page View? 

A page visit is recorded every time there is a visit to a page on your website. If the visitor reloads a page, this counts as an additional page view. If the visitor checks multiple pages and some of them twice, each visit will be count as another page view. 
In short, a single visitor can do multiple page visits. 

For other tools, you may see this definition for a Page View though. Moreover, a visit might be defined by other tools as the set of actions and page views without a 30-minute time period. While we call this a Session.


Why is the number of Page Visits important?

Page Visits (or Page Views) is one of the most important metrics to measure the growth of a website, alongside the number of visitors and unique visitors. Here are some use cases to consider when you count Page Visits:

  • Check the Top Visited Pages to see your most popular pages and to re-iterate their success on the other pages as well
  • If you want to run ads, or you have a blog or news-related site, each page visit will be an ad view, a blog post read, or a news article read. These can also count for influencer campaigns or partnerships, and each visit/view is valuable if ads or the partnership agreements are sold based on a fixed price (e.g. cost per thousand views). 
  • If the content is not necessarily to engage with and to switch from a page to another (like a blog is), but your page visits are high, then you face either a bad user experience (the user looks for something and cannot find it, so keeps clicking pages), or there is messy user behavior (the visitor just randomly lands on your site and keeps switching pages without actually reading).
  • If the website is an e-commerce site, then there is a high chance of having a very high number of page visits, as people tend to compare products, search for the best option, filter the products and keep browsing until they find the perfect match before they purchase.