Page Title


The page title is an on-page web element or tag that describes the essence of what the content of that webpage is. Page titles are displayed in open browser tabs and in search engine results pages. They are also important for SEO, as web crawlers look for relevant keywords within these tags.

What is a page title?

Any public webpage must have a <title> tag, describing both to search engines and to users what that page is about. Page titles are visible in open browser tabs, helping users navigate more easily. Furthermore, the page title is regarded as highly important by search engines and is one of the first elements that search engines crawl in order to match search queries with relevant content. For search engine related purposes, the page title should not be longer than 72 characters. Anything more than that will be truncated by Google. From the perspective of the user, a page title is also the main hook for them to decide whether or not they are interested in the content. This is why a page title should be relevant and attract the attention of audiences.

How to create a good page title for SEO   

A good page title should be concise (no more than 72 characters), include the brand name and, in a few words, describe the essence of the webpage using relevant and, preferably, high search volume keywords, but without making it look stuffed. For example, one of Nike’s pages has the title Nike Men’s Shoes, Clothing and Gear. (45 characters). On the other hand, other websites leave a default Home text as their page title. Obviously, the first example is much more informative for users than the second one, while also offering keywords to match many search queries. The page title for the homepage includes the brand, while also giving the essence of what the brand offer. Also notice how Nike capitalize the first letter of each word in the page titles, except for connectors. This makes the words stand out a little more. Nike also benefits from the fact that the brand name is only 4-characters long, making it easy to integrate without worrying too much about the character count.