See where your website visitors come from by using a world map for a better (and easier) view and understanding. The approximate location of people that visited your website within the date range is displayed over the world map in real-time. 

What type of metrics can I see on the real-time visitors world map?

The map can be found under the Visitors menu option, and it displays the approximate geolocation of your visitors in the given time-range - each visitor will be shown as a pin on the map. If the number of visitors from the same area is high, you will see a single pin marked with the number of visitors from that specific area. Clicking on the pin will zoom in & break it into multiple pins and more detail, for a more accurate overview. 

Each pin on the map is a visitor, and with a simple hover, there is a tool tip with the following metrics:

  • Visitor IP
  • Country flag
  • Device type
  • OS, Browser
  • Last visit time 
  • A link to the visitor's activity on your site (basically, you will be redirected to the Latest Visitors area, right at the specific visitor history)

Why is the Real-Time Visitors World Map important?

  • The map displays your visitor distribution through a friendly interface
  • You get to know the locations of your target audience with a single quick view 
  • You can either see the distribution of your visitors using the default view with the clustered pins of visitors or use the granular view and break each group into individual pins (visitors) and see the approximate location of each of them.