Live Visitors


The live visitors' feature allows website owners to see how many visitors are on the website in real time, and, in some cases, details about those visitors, such as location, devices, and OS used.

About Live Visitors

A website visitor is a person who views one or more pages of a website. The number of website visitors can dictate the overall success of a website. 
The number of website visitors can be increased through search engine optimization, online advertising, social media posting, guest blogging, and several other methods.
A live website visitor is a person who is viewing a website in real time.

The Live Visitors feature displays the number of visitors that are currently on the website or have been on the website during the previous 5 minutes. Users can also check the country from which the live visitors are coming, the number of pages visited by each, the type of visitor (new, returning, conversion), and the device, operating system and browser used by the visitor to view the website. Furthermore, the history of each live visitor on the website can be accessed.

In the overview the following information about visitors is displayed:

  • Visitors
  • Uniques Visitors
  • Map of live visitors
  • The 6 latest visitors
  • Map of visitors by country

All this information can be viewed in more detail on the Dashboard.

How are Live Visitors counted by web analytics tools?

The process of counting website visitors is the following:
When a person visits a website, their computer (or other device connected to the internet) exchanges information with the website's server. From this information, analytics tools can determine exactly how many visitors are on the website and display details about them.

How are Live Visitors treated?

Live Visitors that were on the website in the last 5 minutes, appear as a marker on a global map.
When hovering over a visitor’s marker the following information is displayed:

  • Device icon
  • Country flag
  • Browser icon
  • Type of visitor
  • Description of the visitor's session