Keyword Stuffing


Keyword stuffing represents the process of inserting an unusual number of keywords or phrases in a page in order to get a higher rank in search engines for those keywords; it is an unethical SEO practice that may lead to penalties and terrible user experience.

What is keyword stuffing?

"Keyword stuffing" refers to the practice of adding a high number of keywords within a page or an article in an attempt to manipulate a site's ranking in Google search results. 
Keyword stuffing is easily recognizable because the content is not written as natural prose, but as a list of keywords placed in multiple sentences across the page, most of the time even out of context.

Examples of keyword stuffing and how to avoid it

There are various reasons you should avoid keyword stuffing, as the user experience will be deficient instead of being useful, and an artificial attempt to get ranked in search engine results may only lead to penalties or worse, not being indexed at all. 

Keyword stuffing is considered an unethical SEO practice and can be avoided by:

  • Adding relevant metatags, instead of using a large number of keywords or phrases to trick the crawler and get a better ranking.
  • Not posting lists of phone numbers without substantial added value
  • Not adding blocks of text listing countries, regions, cities and states on the page just to rank for them
  • Not repeating the same word or phrase multiple times using unnatural prose, such as We sell cute phone cases. Our cute phone cases are unique and creative. If you want to buy a cute phone case, please access our cute phone cases page or our customized cute phone cases rep at