Index Coverage Report


The Index Coverage represents Google's crawling report about a website's status. The pages can be:

  • valid and shown in search results
  • excluded from search engines (most of the time intentionally)
  • with a warning status when they are shown in search engines, but there are issues to fix
  • with an error - when the pages are not shown in results because of an error on the page

What is the Index Coverage Report?

Google offers the Index Coverage report, and it shows the indexing state of all URLs of the website that Google (and its crawlers) has visited, or tried to visit and cluster them based on their status.

How to see the Index Coverage Status Report

The top-level report shows the index status of all pages that Google crawled or has attempted to crawl on your site, grouped by status, reason, validation, trend, and the number of pages per status.

Crawled pages can have one of the following status values:

  • Error. This means the page is not indexed at all, and it will not be displayed in Google's results. Each error status will provide details regarding the reason and how it can be fixed.
  • Warning: The page is indexed, but has a few issues that you should be aware of.
  • Valid. The website's pages were successfully indexed.
  • Excluded: The pages that were intentionally not indexed to avoid their Google search visibility.

To access the website's coverage report, make sure to add it to the as property and go to Coverage in the left-menu.