Conversion Pages


A conversion page is a web page that someone considers important for the success of his/her website: a  payment page, a thank you page or a submitted form are just some examples. 
In the vast majority of cases, the number of conversions dictates the success of a business. 

About Conversion Pages

The conversion is a marketing metric that defines the number of visitors or users who got convinced to take a certain action that resulted in the benefit of a business. 

A conversion page is a web page that is considered important by the website owner/ admin t for generating conversions.

Conversion pages are different for each website and each type of business, as one might consider a purchase a conversion, while others can count a subscription or a registration as a conversion. 

In the app, users decide on their own which web pages count as conversion pages and are able to configure the ones that they consider important for their business. In the Pages Menu → Conversions, a list of all the pages previously set up as conversion pages will be shown, with the number of converted visitors and percentage, for each page.

What are some examples of conversion pages?

Conversion pages differ for each website and in most cases include the following:

  • Online payments
  • Lead 
  • Form completions
  • Newsletter signups

How to set up a conversion page

Once you are logged in your account:

  • Go to the Pages menu and select Conversions, then click the button Edit conversion pages which will redirect you to the Page settings menu 
  • In the Conversion Types section, you are able to group your conversions by categories and see your stats based on the conversion type of your choice
  • Type in a name for your conversion, add one or more pages to that category and click on Add conversion type button

After setting up your Conversions, each time a website visitor enters either one of your chosen pages, that visitor will be counted as a conversion visitor.