Code Swapping


Code Swap refers to search-engine-friendly pages created only to rank higher in SERP, and replaced with new content once the page is successful SEO-wise.


What is Code Swapping? 

Code Swapping, called Bait and Switch by some, is a black hat SEO tactic that requires specific content on the website page in order to achieve great SEO results and high ranking in SERP. After getting good results, the well-ranked content and swapped out with another type of content that would not be as successful as the first one. 
Basically, the tactic works like bait for search engine crawlers and the page's content is indexed to rank high, and then the content is switched for the business purpose, but not necessarily relevant for SERP.

Why is Code Swapping bad for a website?

Code swapping, in most cases, refers to websites that only submitted text-only versions to the search engine. This helps the site gain a good site speed, and have the content placed only for SEO purposes. Once the crawler and the search engine positions the site higher, the search engine-friendly text website or page is replaced to a page designed for visitors - with an entirely new structure, loading time, images and everything needed for a site. The action is similar to cloaking, and it can often lead to the website ban or penalty from search engines.