What is a bookmark in the context of the internet?

A bookmark, in the context of the internet, is a way of tagging a web resource for later use. This is usually associated with a web browser that stores the references to these resources. The term can also be applied to social bookmarking, which uses the same principle, with the difference that the bookmarks are public, shared between members, thus impacting notoriety and potentially SEO.

What is a bookmark?

In the context of internet usage, a bookmark refers to an identifier of a web resource that is stored for later use.

In simple terms, like a physical bookmark, a bookmark on the web is a way of tagging a webpage in order to find it more easily in the future. All web browsers have options for bookmarking, which act as shortcuts to preferred content. While in Chrome and Firefox they are called Bookmarks, in other web browsers you may find them under Favorites. There has been some discussion about whether Google interprets bookmarked sites to be more relevant, thus ranking them higher in search results. While it is unlikely that this happens in an absolute manner (because of the possibility to abuse this feature), bookmarks may well be taken into account, when the option to personalize the search is on.

It would be normal for a search engine to evaluate your long-term general interests based on your list of bookmarks. This information could influence personalized searches.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a different type of bookmarking. The main difference is that, in this scenario, the content that users tag for later use, is made public on a social platform. Popular platforms for social bookmarking today are Pinterest, Reddit, Digg, StumbleUpon and others. While on Pinterest, the bookmarked content consists of pictures, on Reddit it can take various forms, from news articles, to social media posts, to videos and images. Each of the social bookmarking sites has its own particularities.

Social bookmarking can be very important for brands who are trying to reach a broader audience and it has proven to have an important impact on SEO.