Competition Analysis

Always Know How You Compare to Your Competitors

Number of Visitors and Visits

Gauge Performance Relative to Your Industry

See how your website is performing in relation to your competitors, and whether levels are above or below the business sectors' average.

Operating Systems Used

Are Your Competitors' Visitors Using Windows, macOS, or Something Else?

Get intel on the operating systems that are being used by the internet users that are visiting your competitors, and use these insights to fine-tune your own website development.

Browsers Used

Compare Visitor Browser Preferences With Your Wider Industry

Understand how the web browser preferences of your visitors compare with the business sector you operate in

Devices & Screen Resolutions Used

Get the Measure of Your Industry Audience

See at a glance what device types and screen resolutions are used by your competitors' visitors on average, and use these insights to optimize your website to your target audience.