Custom Event Tracking

Track Any Action of Your Website Visitors

Easily Track Any Action or Event

Know How Many Website Visitors Did Anything!

Want to check how many website visitors triggered a certain event? I.e. clicking on a certain button or image? We’ve got you covered! You can create your very own trackable event tags , add them to your website, and see how visitor interactions change over time. Soon you will also be able to auto-scan your website for default elements without having to add any extra code & track them right away. 

Group Actions by Category With One Click

Making It Easy to Stay on Top of Things

You could have thousands of event interactions  every week or month, but we've made things as simple as possible! All your events are structured within an easy-to-understand table with great filter and grouping options, making it extremely user-friendly to follow all your events. Within seconds, you can check, which events were triggered, and how often compared to others!

See How Your Event Interactions Change Over Time

Enjoy a Historical Perspective

Little is more important than understanding your data history and how your decisions and actions have impacted event interactions. Easily track changes in your event categories over time using our detailed line chart. Compare to previous data periods and choose whether you want to display data based on a day, week or year! Get valuable insights within seconds.

Easily Define New Events, Add Them to Your Website & Start Tracking

An Intuitively-designed Manual Tagging System

Have you added new elements to a page or want to track a certain event? Create your own tags manually in no time and add them to your website!

Everything is set up for you so that manual work is reduced to almost zero. You have full flexibility in creating new event tags – integrating them within your website wherever you think it makes sense. We track them automatically for you and display the data you need for efficient decision making!

Auto-track & Visualize All Events on Your Website

Striking Custom Event Visualizations

We took event tracking to the next level! You can see directly on your website which events were triggered in a preferred period of time. With TWIPLA, you will be able to hover over your site's content elements and see the number of interactions for each of them, depending on the device they were triggered on. Moreso, the Event Tag Generator allows you to easily create tags that are ready to be integrated into your source code.