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TWIPLA announces the launch of a website analytics module that needs no cookie consent


Date: September 30, 2020

Earlier this week, the team at TWIPLA, announced the addition of a feature that allows website owners to track their visitors without prior consent, while ensuring them that they are also in compliance with personal data privacy laws such as GDPR, CCPA or LGPD.

TWIPLA is positioned as a privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics and other similar services. At the same time, the app currently offers several extra features such as: visitor session recordings, website heatmaps, conversion funnels, campaign tracking, and competition analysis. In addition, a module named “Visitor Feedback” is in development. Coupled with website traffic statistics, all of these offer TWIPLA’ customers a complete understanding of their visitors’ behavior.

Internet data privacy has been at the center of attention for quite some time now. In connection to this matter, the use of internet cookies has been highly regulated, leading to the need for all website owners to implement cookie consent banners. These explain to the visitor what type of cookies are being placed on their PCs upon accessing the website, and what their purposes are. Consent for each type of cookie is also required. One such type is analytics/statistics cookies.

This has seriously affected the activity of most websites, who, after implementation, now face a situation where, upon users refusing to consent to analytics cookies – or simply ignoring it –, they cannot track all the visitors and, therefore, may receive incomplete information about their traffic.

This problem is now solved by the TWIPLA team. The app had switched to cookieless tracking earlier this year, a technology that allows visitor activity tracking without placing any cookies. However, the app was still able to gather some personal data from the users: their IP and page browsing history (limited to the website being tracked).

Now, TWIPLA customers can simply activate “complete protection tracking” with one click, and this personal data will no longer be gathered and processed. This means that there will be no need whatsoever for the website owner to ask for any consent from visitors, in order to track them. There are no cookies being used and all the data is aggregated statistically. There is no way that any sort of personal information can be connected to any individual user.

Our main goal here is to respect data privacy and make life easier for website owners, at a time when a lot of new legislation has been put into practice. By giving our customers these cookieless and consentless options, we provide safer, privacy-compliant, more accurate website analytics. And needing no cookie banner for analytics will also surely make life easier for many people. Alexander Veit, TWIPLA CDPO

For more details, you can write to press@visitor-analytics.io.

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