Geographic Modifiers


Geographic modifiers, known as geo-modifiers as well, represent location-specific keywords used in addition to a search query in order to communicate to search engines the local intent of a search.
Geographic modifiers are mainly used by local businesses to drive locally-targeted traffic - such as coffee shop Manhattan, rather than coffee shop.

What is a geographic modifier? 

A geographic modifier represents the keywords with local intent used by searchers in order to find specific information across search engines. Normally, a geographic modifier is a keyword + a location or with local intent, and it is used to find highly location-specific information. An example of a geographic modifier could be "eco-friendly cosmetics shop London" or "eco-friendly cosmetics shop near me" instead of "eco-friendly cosmetics."

Why is the geographic modifier important?

Local businesses benefit most from the geo-modifier, as people often use them to identify places or services near them easily (such as coffee shops, restaurants, car rentals, repair shops, malls, and many others). Therefore, when someone searches for information, the search engines' algorithms identify the user's location and display relevant results within the immediate neighborhood, city, region, state, or even country. It is important to keep all of these types of modifiers in mind if the purpose is to create hyperlocal content in order to target a specific audience in terms of location.